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Straight silicone reducers with a sturdy wall. Silicone couplers can endure higher temperatures than rubber. Silicone couplers can be used for air and coolant piping in the engine bay. The threaded wall of the couplers make them ideal for high pressure applications.

As a material, silicone can be used to pipe air, water and coolant. Small amounts of gasoline and oil are also ok, but for gasoline or oil piping silicone is not the right material as long term exposure to gasoline or oil softens silicone.
Our silicone couplers can be used in turbo applications even if the turbocharger leaks oil - small amounts of oil are not a problem.

The indicated diameter is the inside diameter of the silicone pipe. The wall thickness is 5 to 8mm.
We also carry nice stainless steel T-Bolt clamps to ensure your pipes stay in place. When choosing clamps, please also note the wall thickness of the silicones.


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Silicone converter 2--3.5 inch
2.00 € 19.00 €/ pcs
Silicone converter 2.25--3.5 inch
2.00 € 19.00 €/ pcs

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