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Exhaust flanges from 9.00 €

7item(s)from 9.00 €
Exhaust flanges
Weldable exhaust flanges These weldable mild-steel flanges are laser-cut, and offer an easy way of making quality joints for custom exhausts.Mild-steel is the best option for flanges since it has minimal deformation compared to stainless steel flanges. Basically most factory-made stainless exhausts also have mild-steel flanges.Thickness is 10 mm. The flanges are sold per piece, so please order two for each full joint.In addition to these we offer copper locking nuts, exhaust gaskets, and affordable cat
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PLX Kiwi3 wireless bluetooth obd2 adapter from 129.00 €

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PLX Kiwi3 wireless bluetooth obd2 adapter
PLX Kiwi3 on bluetoothliitäntäinen OBD2 adapteri joka yhteensopiva Android, iPhone ja Windows älypuhelinten ja tietokoneiden kanssa. Ohjelmistoja on tarjolla useita joten yhden valmistajan OBD2 lukuohjelmiston kanssa ei tarvitse olla naimisissa.Kiwi3 on yhteensopiva OBD2 autojen kanssa. Lisätiedot OBD2 yhteensopivuudesta PLX omilta sivuilta.Mitä arvoja Kiwi3 näyttää? Muunmuassa seuraavia, olettaen että autossa kyseistä suuretta mittaava anturi on. RPM Vehicle Speed ThrottlePosition Engine Load Absolut
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Exhaust diy parts from 3.60 €

121item(s)from 3.60 €
Exhaust diy parts
Exhaust DIY parts include straight pipes, reducers as well as regular and tight angles in stainless or mild steel.You can filter the list by selecting the material and diameter. Reducers are also shown on the same list if they fit the selected diameter.All pipes are Scandinavian quality.We also carry all other exhaust flanges, clamps, gaskets, silencers and catalyzers.
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Mishimoto electric fans from 63.00 €

7item(s)from 63.00 €
Mishimoto electric fans
An electric fan is a compact way to ensure radiator cooling. Mishimoto high-volume fans are both compact and come with an unmatched flow rate.Thickness and airflow (cfm = cubic feet/minute) 8": 3.12" / 79mm, 600 cfm 10": 2.36" / 59mm, 950 cfm 12": 2.50" / 63mm, 1150 cfm 14": 2.65" / 67mm, 1300 cfm 16": 2.87" / 72mm, 1850 cfmFans from 10" to 16" can also be reversed to suck or blow depending on the installation side.
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