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Eibach Prospacer on sale from 63.00 €

Eibach Prospacer
Eibach Pro-Spacers are an excellent pair to go with Pro-Kit or Sportline lowering springs and when the wheel looks lack "it". Spacers will bring out the wheels by the amount of their thickness. Spacers increase track width, and help reduce body roll and increase stability while cornering.

Quaife ATB limited slip differentials from 954.50 €

Quaife ATB limited slip differentials
Quaife ATB limited slip differential is the best street & trackday diff available. Quaife differentials are silent, reliable and come with a lifetime warranty. Works like a charm on a daily and with traction control, and if necessary transforms it into a track monster. BMW and Mercedes Quaife differentials are also listed.

OBP brake bias valve 89.00 €

OBP brake bias valve
Ideally the brakes are adjusted so that they lock at the same time, or what ever the driver prefers. We definitely suggest this product for cars with upgraded brakes to get maximum braking potential. 3/8" UNF