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Innovate MTX-L wideband from 249.00 €

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Innovate MTX-L wideband
Features: - The only 100% digital high speed mixture ratio of the technology market- Water-resistant 52mm (2 1/16 ") display which is suitable for both street race as the water sides.- Built-in Direct Digital ™ broadband driver with minimum wire size and simple installation (no separate control unit)- Broadband Bosch oxygen sensor is suitable for all types of fuels (Leaded, Unleaded, Diesel, Methanol, E85, etc.)- 2pcs 0-5v fully programmable linear analog outputs for use with various engine contr

Eibach wheel nuts from 2.00 €

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Eibach wheel nuts
Types can be selected with the drop down menu, type (open or closed.), thread and length.Especially recommended to make sure the thread length, if using closed nut (so the nut really thightens to wheel).Listed length is thread length. Listed length is total length in open nuts. Closed nuts lengths is listed length + 2mm.

Black Diamond braided brake hoses from 43.00 €

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Black Diamond braided brake hoses
The braided hose kit will give the final touch to the cars brakes and remove most of the balloon-like effects from the pedal. No-one likes to drive a car with a pedal which feels like an old football, the braided hoses are the cure to this.How braided hoses work When you press the brakes the pressure in the brake lines increases. This pressure will try to expand the brake hoses like a balloon. Traditional rubber hoses will expand quite a lot - you can actually try this by having a friend press the pedal while

Quaife ATB differentials from 709.00 €

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Quaife ATB differentials
Quaife ATB is the best street & trackday limited slip differential available. It is silent, reliable and comes with a lifetime warranty. Works like a charm on a daily and if neccessary transforms it into a track monster. BMW and Mercedes differentials are now also listed here.

Turbosmart car specific dumps from 159.00 €

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Turbosmart car specific dumps
Turbo Smart Vee-port pro blow-off valves Simple and functional basic dump valve, almost anywhere turbo car.Turbosmart collection making a simple basic model is the role of Vee-Port, guaranteed Turbo Smart technology, meaning the exact job tracking and strong recommended. 150-450hp turbo enginesTurbosmart Super Sonic blow-off valves Turbo Smart Super Sonic is a high succulent voice in the world equipped with a rigid dumpGuaranteed Turbo Smart quality, the best materials, to preci

ARP Conrod bolts from 86.90 €

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ARP Conrod bolts
ARP conrod boltsARP conrod bolts are reusable and wont stretch. These are a good upgrade when building a highly tuned engine, and a safe option when you dont want bottom end problems with failing conrod bolts.All other ARP bolts are also available.

ACL race series bearings from 59.00 €

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ACL race series bearings
The unique combination of design, metallurgy and engineering come together to deliver what drivers expect from high performance Tri-metal Hardened steel back -engine bearings.Designed to withstand higher RPM conditions, ACL Race Series Engine Bearings are available for many of the popular 4, 6 & 8 cylinder applications and feature:1. High strenght overlay plate with reduced thickness 2. Hardened steel backs on all conrod bearings 3. Increased crush and elimination of flash plating 4. Tight consistant wal

Black Diamond brakediscs from 99.60 €

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Black Diamond brakediscs
Black Diamond discs have a black coating which increases resistance to corrosion and serves as an excellent base for brake paints.The coating also extends inside the vents and drilled holes in the disc, keeping them less rusted and thus improving heat dissipation.These discs exceed oem quality, so you are guaranteed to get a set which really stops that car!Street- and competition use Black Diamond discs are widely used in rally, drifting and track cups because they simply perform well in harsh conditio

Thermotec heatwraps from 5.90 €

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Thermotec heatwraps
Thermotec heatwraps Thermotec heatwrap keeps engine-room temperatures down. Heatwrap is wrapped around exhaust manifold and it keeps most of the heat in exhaust gas.Thermotec wraps available in 15meter rolls and in 1 meter slices. Width 1 and 2 inches.- Can take 1100'c constant heat. Thickness below 2mm.Roster attachment bands. Available 12pcs 9 inch bands V8 kit 8pcs 9inches 4PCS 18 inches bands.Note: Returns for custom length wraps (sku ends with _1m) are not accepted.

Coilover main springs, D2 from 45.00 €

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Coilover main springs, D2
D2 coilover mainsprings allow a softer or stiffer drive. Most kits allow a change of length in about +-20mm, and a change in rating +-2kg/mm.Linear springs have the same diameter from top to bottm all the way.V-type springs are literally V-shaped, and have a different upper and lower diameter. Notably, you can turn the spring upside down as well.O-type springs have the same top- and bottom diameters, but have a bigger center diameter. O-Type springs have an External Diameter information, which is the ma

Magnaflow performance catalytic converters, gasoline 2" - 3" from 137.00 €

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Magnaflow performance catalytic converters, gasoline 2" - 3"
Clean power with a Magnaflow catalyzer A catalyzer cleans exhaust gasses flowing through it, however most original units are clogged and considerably restrict flow thus further restricting the power of the engine.Free flowing exhaust and minimum emissions? Thats not a daydream, thats a Magnaflow catalyzer. Magnaflow power catalyzers are a must for all serious exhaust upgrades or a DIY exhaust build.In fact, the original catalyzer is usually the most restrictive part of an original exhaust, so you will noti

Bosch EV14 injectors from 51.00 €

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Bosch EV14 injectors
Bosch EV14 injectors produce a precise and fine mist. They are sold as a matched set.All listed EV14 injectors are top-feed types, and capacities are listed at 3 bar pressures.The details describe injector length and capacities at different pressures as well as connector type and resistance.If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

K&N replacement filters from 47.00 €

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K&N replacement filters
The air filter cleans air the engine needs to burn fuel, but there are different filters on the market - some flow and clean better and some worse. K&N filters both clean and flow much better than an original paper filter or cheap imitations.More power and less consumption? The engine sucks air through the filter, and when a filter flows better less power and thus fuel is used to suck air through the filter, and in turn can be used as horsepower to accelerate.The most popular upgrade to any car Because

Turbocharger gaskets from 2.00 €

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Turbocharger gaskets
Turbogaskets T25, T3 ja T4 flangesMetal gaskets. These are used without glues on install paste on clean surfaces. T3 and T4 turbo gaskets are available for twin scroll and single inlet.Gasket:PCD:Hole: T25 inlet40 x 73.5mm38.5 x 49.5mm T3 inlet44 x 86mm47 x 66mm T4 inlet70 x 86mm53 x 78mm Oilreturn gasket HX3551.5mm20.5mm Holset HX35 super outlet63 x 63mm64mm Holset HX35/40 outlet6 x 101mm62mmThese are stocked in our shop.To ensure a good seal we recommend using Copper locking nuts. While yo

Fuel filter, 8mm hose from 9.90 €

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Fuel filter, 8mm hose
Fuel filter, 8mm hose A fuel filter gathers small particles like rust and dust from the fuel so it doesnt clog the injectors or pressure regulator. The filter gradually gets clogged, and at some point it needs replacement or it starts to cause problems in fuel delivery.This filters is originally found the Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo, and some other high power cars. The "flow" is basically the same as a 8mm hose, so this filter is good for most applications.In addition, we also have Walbro pumps, an adjustabler

Race.Fi hood locks from 59.00 €

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Race.Fi hood locks
Aerocatch style hood locks (pair) In race cars being able to completely remove or open the hood from outside is important for safety and pitwork, and in some cases compulsory in class rules.The lock is opened by first pressing the smaller lever, then rising the longer lever. Closing is done by pushing down the longer lever.Installation The locks are mounted on the hood with six chamfered bolts, and fastened from below with nuts. The counterpart, the shaft, is mounted in the engine bay, and it's length i

Kaaz lsd differentials from 755.00 €

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Kaaz lsd differentials
Kaaz is a well-known differential brand and offers reasonably priced differentials for many popular cars like Nissan, Toyota, BMW and VAG-brands.You can select the unit by selecting your car first, and then choosing appropriate transmission and differential types which your car has.If you find it hard to choose, please contact our sales for assistance!We offer other limited slip differentials as well. You can also check these: Quaife limited slip differentials, Cusco limited slip differentials, Tran-X l

Mishimoto electric fans from 63.00 €

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Mishimoto electric fans
An electric fan is a compact way to ensure radiator cooling. Mishimoto high-volume fans are both compact and come with an unmatched flow rate.Thickness and airflow (cfm = cubic feet/minute) 8": 3.12" / 79mm, 600 cfm 10": 2.36" / 59mm, 950 cfm 12": 2.50" / 63mm, 1150 cfm 14": 2.65" / 67mm, 1300 cfm 16": 2.87" / 72mm, 1850 cfmFans from 10" to 16" can also be reversed to suck or blow depending on the installation side.

K&N universal cone filters from 80.00 €

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K&N universal cone filters
K&N universal cone filter The K&N Cones are an obvious choice for your car.Can be washed, lasts for the life of your car. Unrivalled flow - even megawatt power cars have K&N filters. Provides clean air for your engine even though it still flows. Suitable for both naturally aspirated and turbo cars.Cleaning and re-oiling a K&N filter Easy piecy, here's how.

Billet throttle bodies 65 - 100mm from 129.00 €

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Billet throttle bodies 65 - 100mm
Billet throttlebody with 65, 70, 80, 90 or 100mm ID. The throttlebody is used to allow more air into the engine when the gas pedal is pressed. A bigger throttlebody allows more air into the engine especially with upgraded intake manifolds. Throttle response is also increased due to a larger bore.This can be used to make an adapter plate to fit other bolt patterns or welded to the existing manifold.A bracket for a Bosch tps is included, but any tps can be made to fit with some craftmanship. The bracket ca

Walbro E85 fuel pump from 235.00 €

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Walbro E85 fuel pump
Walbro 400LPH E85 and ethanol intank fuel pump A fuel pump takes care of the gasoline supplied to the engine, and creates the pressure which is further regulated by the pressure regulator. An original pump is usually worn out, and especially in tuned cars it will struggle to make enougn pressure and flow. Not having enough gasoline will cause a lean (not enough fuel) mixture, which in turn causes power loss and detonation which can quickly break the engine.The Walbro E85 fuel pump is especially designed for e

Exhaust gaskets from 9.00 €

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Exhaust gaskets
Exhaust gaskets for 2- and 3-bolt flanges These exhaust gaskets are suitable for both naturally aspirated and turbo engines, and for mild steel and stainless exhaust systems.For a good seal, old gasket remains and rust need to be removed from the flanges.The exhaust gaskets are stocked in our shop.gasket:pcd:bore: 2 bolt, 2"91mm52mm 2 bolt, 2.5"104mm64mm 2 bolt, 3"106mm76mm 3 bolt, 2.25"76 x 76 x 76mm56mm 3 bolt, 2.5"78 x 78 x 78mm64mm 3 bolt, 3""85 x 85 x 85mm75mm 3 bolt, 3.5"99 x 99 x 99mm81m

Nissan 200sx engine + transmission mounts from 99.00 €

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Nissan 200sx engine + transmission mounts
Polyurethane engine mounts for 200SX s13 SR20DET. Fits other 200sx / Skyline cars with some adjustment to holes (PU is easy to drill).Gearbox mount fits S13, S14 and S15 models as well as RWD R32 models.These are sturdy mounts and reduce engine movement. The kit includes PU engine mounts, aluminum washers and a PU transmission mount. The engine mount bolt line is straight (bolt goes straight through the mount).Dimensions, engine mount Height, incl. plates 64mm Bush diameter 62mm Disc diameter 70mm D

Crank and camshaft seals from 4.00 €

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Crank and camshaft seals
Camshaft and crank seals These little round seals are rensponsible for keepin oil inside the engine. They are the most common cause for small dripping of oil when they fail due to age or dry out.It is a good practice to renew these when a clutch or timing cover is taken off, because they are quite easy to change at the time and dont cost a lot.

Race.Fi oilcoolers 13 and 25 rows from 79.00 €

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Race.Fi oilcoolers 13 and 25 rows
The Race.Fi oil coolers are ideal for engine, transmission or diff coolers. The oil coolers also fit our filter relocation kits and our oil coolers kits.Pipe fitting: AN8 Stock sizes 13 and 25 row coolers.13-row cooler Core-size: Height 100mm, width 290mm. Overall size: Height 130mm, width 330mm.25-row cooler Core-size: Height 200mm, width 290mm. Overall size: Height: 230mm, width 330mm.In addition you might also be interested in our oil filter relocation kit or the oil cooler kit which include

Oil filter relocation kit from 169.00 €

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Oil filter relocation kit
Oil filter relocation and oil cooler kit. Our kit includes the hardware needed to relocate oil filter, and if neccessary intall an oil cooler.The kit includes two flanges, one which bolts in place of the original filter, and one which the filter is relocated to. Three braided hoses are included, so if you wish an oil cooler can also be installed.The flange has two 1/8 NPT sensor holes, where sensors for oil pressure and temperature gauges can be installed. AN8 fittings.The kit is compatible with cars

Holset HX40 Super turboahdin from 799.00 €

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Holset HX40 Super turboahdin
The Holset HX40 Super has reached nearly 700 horse power in gasoline applications. Diesel Applications 400hv. Engined, 1.8-3.0 liters. Super HX40 turbocharger, for example, is a popular Supra 2JZ-GTE, Nissan RB-Series and BMW 6 turbo-charged engines turbo.Holset HX40 super Compressor 60/86mm. Turbine 75/65mm. Turbine options 14cm²-16cm²-18cm² (twin entry), 6-bolt outlet. 1.8 - 3.0 litres engines. Nearly 700hp in petrol engines and nearly 400hp in diesel.Turbocharger A turbocharger pressurizes air usi

D2 adjustable endlinks from 80.00 €

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D2 adjustable endlinks
Adjustable endliks allow correct swaybar position in lowered cars.D2 adjustable endlinks Endlinks connect the swaybars to either the control arms or hub knuckles. When the car is lowered, the swaybar position also changes sometimes so much that it cant move freely. Adjustable endlinks allow adjusting swaybar position to its original setting for optimal performance. D2 endlinks are also quite heavy duty so they are a proven replacement for low quality original links as well.The length and adjustment ranges

Viseeo MBU-4 Bluetooth Adapter from 295.50 €

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Viseeo MBU-4 Bluetooth Adapter
Bluetooth adapter for Mercedes-BenzBluetooth adapter, makes it possible to connect your phone with Bluetooth, to the car. From Year 2005 For cars with built-in telephone console (UHI/MHI) Plug n Play.-Compatible with Mercedes UHI/MHI interface -Parrot CK5050+ Bluetooth moduleFor cars with UHI connector: [img]//[/img

Turbosmart Vee-Port blow-off valves from 219.00 €

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Turbosmart Vee-Port blow-off valves
Turbosmart Vee-port pro blow-off valves Simple and functional basic dump valve, almost any turbo car.Turbosmart collection making a simple basic model is the role of Vee-Port, guaranteed Turbo Smart technology, meaning the exact job tracking and strong recommended. 150-450hp turbo engines. [/ i]

K&N intake kits from 103.00 €

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K&N intake kits
K&N Air Filters 57I also include a suction tube, and features include. The Well more power and acceleration, eg. 53 PS more 2007 Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 model Includes a washable, conical K & N Performance air filter. Easy to install K&N Million-Mail Limited Warranty ®Cleaning and re-oiling a K&N filter Easy piecy, here's how.

Davies Craig electronic water pumps from 13.00 €

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Davies Craig electronic water pumps
EWP80 - suitable for most small and medium sized engines, up to around 2.5 litres/200HP. The EWP80 is the most flexible pump in terms of mounting configurations. EWP115 - for higher power and tuned engines in the 200-350HP range. Available with either glass-filled nylon 66 or alloy body. The performance of the two pumps is identical, but the alloy body can be hard mounted and so is more suitable for rough treatment eg. in rally cars. EWP150 - suits very high powered engines, race cars, very hard working 4x4