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Products which weren't sold afterall

From time to time, someone never shows up to pick up a product, decides it is a wrong colour, or our listing has an error and something which was supposed to fit didnt fit after all. These products which are not part of our stocking program are listed here .

Mishimoto jäähdytin Honda Civic 92-00 poisto on sale from 241.20 €

1item(s)on sale from 241.20 €
Mishimoto jäähdytin Honda Civic 92-00 poisto
Auton jäähdytin huolehtii moottorin jäähdytinnesteen jäähdyttämisestä. Jääkylmä – tai kuuma – totuus on että noin 1/3 moottorissa palavan polttoaineen energiasta muuttuu lämmöksi, osa kuluu mekaanisiin hävikkeihin, ja vain jäljelle jäävä osuus saadaan tehona joka liikuttaa autoa.Jos moottorin tehot tuplataan, myös sen tuottama lämpö tuplaantuu jolloin alkuperäinen jäähdytin on riittämätön. Jäähdytin toimii myös eräänlaisena reservinä kylmälle vedelle. Kun autolla ajetaan normaalia ajoa esimerkiksi kaupungissa,

Titan GT50 M12 x 1.25 pyöränmutterit poisto on sale from 49.00 €

1item(s)on sale from 49.00 €
Titan GT50 M12 x 1.25 pyöränmutterit poisto
GT50-mallisarja: Pakettiin sisältyy 19kpl pyöränmuttereita, sekä pitkä 17mm hylsy. Muttereiden pituus 50mm / läpimeneviä, eli soveltuvat käytettäviksi myös pidempien pinnapulttien kanssa.– Testikiristetty 3x 400Nm – Materiaali: Teräs / Yhden mutterin paino 49gVanteiden offsetin saat kohdalleen pultattavilla tai tavallisilla Eibach spacereillä. Vanteiden sovittamista helpottamaan valikoimassamme on myös ET+ kaarimankeli.

Luisi ratin keskiöt poisto on sale from 47.70 €

8item(s)on sale from 47.70 €
Luisi ratin keskiöt poisto
Mallikohtaiset Luisi rattikeskiöt. Ratin keskiöt on tarkoitettu vain autoihin joissa ei ole airbag järjestelmää. Myös airbagilla varustettuihin autoihin sopivia ratinkeskiöitä löytyy Luisin valikoimasta.Adaptereissa on tuplajako joka kattaa käytännössä kaikki yleiset ratit: 6x70 ja 6x74mm. Sopii esim. Fk, Jom, Tuning Line, Sparco, Momo ja Omp ohjauspyörille.Kysy lisää myynnistämme, mikäli etsit keskiötä airbag järjestelmällä olevaan autoon.Keskiöt sisältävät asennukseen tarvittavat ruuvit.

Black Diamond brake hoses clearance on sale from 34.45 €

10item(s)on sale from 34.45 €
Black Diamond brake hoses clearance
The braided hose kit will give the final touch to the cars brakes and remove most of the balloon-like effects from the pedal. No-one likes to drive a car with a pedal which feels like an old football, the braided hoses are the cure to this.How braided hoses work When you press the brakes the pressure in the brake lines increases. This pressure will try to expand the brake hoses like a balloon. Traditional rubber hoses will expand quite a lot - you can actually try this by having a friend press the pedal while

HKS turbotimer Type-1 on sale from 24.50 €

4item(s)on sale from 24.50 €
HKS turbotimer Type-1
HKS's Type-1 turbotimer includes all the basic turbotimer functions from HKS type-0 and adds features like auto-timing mode, vehicle speed and RPM display and a two-stage shift light.The Type-1 also adds a 1/4 mile timer and lap timing functions. MPH and KPH can be selected as units.General: HKS Part # 41001-AK010 Compatible with all Turbo Timer Harnesses from HKS Backlit LCD with blue back light Black Display Case (H:22.5mm/W:89.5mm/D:13mm) Black Control Unit Case (H:80.0mm/W:69.0mm/D:21.0mm) LCD D

HKS turbotimer Type-0 on sale from 24.50 €

4item(s)on sale from 24.50 €
HKS turbotimer Type-0
HKS type-0 turbotimer offers an easy installation and just those basic turbotimer features without additional features which sometimes are just in the way.It is intalled with 5 wires, and for most vehicles harnesses are also available.General: HKS Part # 41001-AK009 Compatible with all Turbo Timer Harnesses from HKS Backlit LCD with blue back light Black Display Case (H:22.5mm/W:89.5mm/D:13mm) Black Control Unit Case (H:80.0mm/W:69.0mm/D:21.0mm) LCD Display size (W:41.5mm/H:11mm)Timer modes:

Eibach prospacer clearance on sale from 97.80 €

1item(s)on sale from 97.80 €
Eibach prospacer clearance
Eibach Pro-Spacers Eibach Pro-Spacers are an excellent pair to go with Pro-Kit or Sportline lowering springs and when the wheel looks lack "it". Spacers will bring out the wheels by the amount of their thickness.Widening the track width makes the car more stable and reduces roll, in addition to better looks.Eibach Pro-Spacers are available in 5 to 30 mm thicknesses.Please use the selectors to choose your car model. The width in the product selector is for the complete axle, so a 10 mm track widening me

Blackdiamond brake discs poisto on sale from 93.08 €

636item(s)on sale from 93.08 €
Blackdiamond brake discs poisto
Blackdiamond brakediscs from stock Time to replace the old stock and get new stock available for newer models etc.All brake discs from this list -50%, in stock.You can check the make model variant for the brakediscs on the link below (opens in new tab): Black Diamond jarrulevy sopivuuslistausCOM = Grooved and drilled discs CD = Drilled discs G12 = Grooved discs

Cusco strutbars Nissan, Honda, mitsubishi & Toyota CLEARANCE on sale from 90.00 €

4item(s)on sale from 90.00 €
Cusco strutbars Nissan, Honda, mitsubishi & Toyota CLEARANCE
Cusco highly supported by braces advantage and the rear shock absorber between the towers.Strut alleviate the living body, particularly when cornering and on uneven surfaces. Decreased body Living in turn increases the shock absorbers and suspension action.* Type-TI: Full titanium cross support. * Type-CB: 40mm Strut with carbon rod. * Type-Alc-40: Carbon fiber coated with a 38mm aluminum bar. * Type-40: Rod 40mm aluminum tube. * Type-40D Rod 40mm D shape in aluminum. * Type-Alc-OS: Aluminum oval, coat

Sonax siliconspray on sale from 6.00 €

1item(s)on sale from 6.00 €
Sonax siliconspray
Sonax silikoonispray Bright, clean lubricant of rubber, plastic and metal parts.APPLICATIONS: Maintenance and installation work. Facilitates the rubber, plastic and metal components, eg. The radiator and air hoses with the installation. Reduces the friction between the different materials and complaints. Protect the electrical connections from moisture. Anti-static and dirt-repellent. Prevents rubber seals from freezing.FEATURES: Transparent, anti-friction and moisture wicking synthetic silicone oil, whi

Eibach springs Audi A4 B6, Toyota Corolla E12(clearance) on sale from 189.00 €

2item(s)on sale from 189.00 €
Eibach springs Audi A4 B6, Toyota Corolla E12(clearance)
Pro-Kit Lowering Springs Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs lower the car 35-25mm depending on the model, and are suitable for use in mint condition with original damping. The sets are TÜV approved.Sportline Lowering Springs Sportline lowering the car by approximately 50-35mm, and requires a partner in the amount of attenuation suitable for the shock absorber. The sets are TÜV approved. Shock absorbers, you can also get through several different characterEibach notes (opens in new tab)