Quaife ATB differentials

Quaife ATB is the best street & trackday limited slip differential available. The Quaife is silent, reliable and comes with a lifetime warranty. Works like a charm on a daily and if necessary transforms it into a track monster. BMW and Mercedes Quaife differentials are also listed.


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The Quaife differentials fit in place of the original differential, meaning that they dont need any modifications in order to work. The Quaife ATB differentials also work seamlessly with the original traction control so you can enjoy the safety and driveability of your car. Do you see that yellow light flashing when it's wet? This is the cure!

The Quaife ATB differentials are one of top selling lines, that is why we stock most units at a very competitive price.

So why choose a Quaife differential?

  • Works with the original traction control.
  • Lifetime warranty including motorsports.
  • When you want, you can drive like a gentleman wihtout noise, or push the car to the limits - it's your choice.
  • No additional noise or vibrations.
  • Quaife never completely locks the wheels, but instead transfers more power to the wheel that has more traction.
  • Manufactured and designed in the UK.
  • A good choice for slippery conditions unlike clutch-type diffs which completely lock the wheels.
  • In the opinion of many of our customers: Quaife is the best modification they did on their car.

  • Note: Please add your vehicle VIN number to your orders additional details on the checkout page. This way we can confirm the correct type of Quaife differential and avoid hassles. You can usually find the VIN on your registration or on other documents from your car.
    If you want more information, please contact our sales and we will be more than happy to help you out!

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    Quaife differential in a BMW E92 335i

    A peek inside the Quaife factory

    The clip is about Quaife as a manufacturer, as they make almost everything which involves cars and gears.


    Installation costs are usually 200 to 300 € when done by a professional, but it's not very hard to install it by your self.

    The Quaife unit it's self is precisely manufactured to original specs. Presuming the OE units of the car are as precise, shimming is not required all though it is good to check when you're at it.

    It is important to keep bearings and shim plates in the original order, as changing the side or order can also change the pinion shimming. If you want to install the unit your self, check out YouTube for some videos or ask a friend to help you out. Installation is easy as long as you know what you're doing.


    Quaife's lifetime warranty covers diferential problems apart from natural wear, when lubrication has been taken care of. Warranty also covers motorsports.


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