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Suspension & Brakes, Page 1

Suspension, brakes, bushings, swaybars - everything that goes under your car

This category has products which effect handling of the car and make it go fast in corners. Suspension, brakes, steering, and control arms are in their own subcategories.

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Black Diamond brakediscs from 99.60 €

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Black Diamond brakediscs
Black Diamond discs have a black coating which increases resistance to corrosion and serves as an excellent base for brake paints.The coating also extends inside the vents and drilled holes in the disc, keeping them less rusted and thus improving heat dissipation.These discs exceed oem quality, so you are guaranteed to get a set which really stops that car!Street- and competition use Black Diamond discs are widely used in rally, drifting and track cups because they simply perform well in harsh conditio

Eibach B12 Sportline suspension kits from 711.00 €

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Eibach B12 Sportline suspension kits
Eibach B12 Sportline suspension kits The more agressive version of Eibach B12 kits - the Sportline B12. A combination of Eibach Sportline springs and Bilstein B8 inverted shocks is a product which many of our customers buy every time they change car. The kit simply makes the user happy with it. The kit also includes shock dust boots.Lowering rate is an approximate of 40 mm. Rates for each car are in the product details text. The kit offers more damping force and control in corners, and accurate steering.Ei

D2 adjustable endlinks from 80.00 €

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D2 adjustable endlinks
Adjustable endliks allow correct swaybar position in lowered cars.D2 adjustable endlinks Endlinks connect the swaybars to either the control arms or hub knuckles. When the car is lowered, the swaybar position also changes sometimes so much that it cant move freely. Adjustable endlinks allow adjusting swaybar position to its original setting for optimal performance. D2 endlinks are also quite heavy duty so they are a proven replacement for low quality original links as well.The length and adjustment ranges

Whiteline camber bolts from 42.50 €

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Whiteline camber bolts
Whiteline eccentric bolts Eccentric bolts allow adjusting camber, caster or toe by roughly +-1.5 deg. An eccentric bolt is installed in place of a regular one allowing easy adjustment. These are always sold as a pair. The tensile strenght of these bolts is 12.9.Please check the diameter of the original bolts measured from the thread section. 10mm diameter = M10 bolt, 12mm diameter = M12 etc. The thread length of the camber bolts is 60mm, so please check that the length is sufficient when measuring the diamet

Nismo wheels LM GT4 from 899.00 €

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Nismo wheels LM GT4
Nismo LM GT4 Nismo launches new LM GT4 model series, which can be preordered now untill 31.7.2017. Wheels will start producing at august.Direct fits: Nissan Skyline BNR32 - 18x9 ET22 Nissan Skyline BCNR33 / BNR34 - 18x9.5 ET12Note: Wheels are sold pcs (1 wheel).

Bimecc loose collar bolts M12 and M14 for wheels from 3.10 €

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Bimecc loose collar bolts M12 and M14 for wheels
Loose collar eccentric wheel bolts allow fitting wheel with different pcd, for example 5x100 on a car with 5x112. Maximum change is +-2.4mm, so in theory a 5x110 car could have up to 5x112.4 / 5x107.6mm wheels.Eccentric bolts are available as M12x1.25 30mm M12x1.25 34mm M14x1.5 30mmKey 19mm Head diameter 28mm 60 deg. cone Finish: Zinc plated Sold per piece