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Mishimoto high pressure 1.3bar radiator caps from 20.00 €

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Mishimoto high pressure 1.3bar radiator caps
Radiator caps The radiator caps purpose is to maintain a certain pressure in the coolant system. When the cap pressure is exceeded, the cap releases the pressure into the expansion tank. When the coolant cools down forming a negative pressure, the cap allows the flow back into the system.High pressure caps The original caps are usually rated to 0.7 - 0.9 bar. Mishimoto caps are rated at 1.3 bar.The boiling point of water raises by pressure: 0.0 bar: 100,0 C (atmospheric pressure) 0,7 bar: 115,4 C 1.0 b
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Exhaust T-bolt clamps from 10.00 €

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Exhaust T-bolt clamps
T-bolt clamps Clamps are stainless steel and ensure and even pressure around the pipe, preventing crushing and jamming.These are basically the slimmest way to fasten an exhaust pipe and can be used in very tight compartments. The millimeter size is an exact figure, where the inch size is the common exhaust diameter the clamp is intended to be used with.We stock all T-bolt clamps in our shop.
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Schroth seatbelts from 175.00 €

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Schroth seatbelts
Schroth belts Over 60 years of experience, Schroth belts produces nearly all types of use.Auto Control II: * Schroth asm autocontrol II seat belt for street use * Shoulder strap and hip belt width of 2 "(50mm) * Shoulder strap roller locks automatically jerks * E-ApprovedAuto Control III: * Schroth asm autocontrol III belt for street use * The shoulder belt width 3 "(75mm) * Lumbar belt width of 2 "(50mm) * Shoulder strap roller locks automatically jerks * E-Approved      Also the shoulder
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