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CRC exhaust mounting paste from 7.90 €

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CRC exhaust mounting paste
The CRC exhaust assembly paste Sealing, heat-resistant, no asbestos. Remove the loose dirt. Apply the paste evenly with a connection and install. Exhaust gas heat causes it to harden. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Aeroflow in-tank pumps (also for ethanol) from 150.00 €

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Aeroflow in-tank pumps (also for ethanol)
The pump flows up to 500hp, and is suitable for E85 ethanol use thanks to ceramic internals.A fuel pump takes care of delivering enough fuel to the engine. No fuel pump lasts for ever, so a high-volume pump is one of the most essential upgrades for a tuned engine.Aeroflow 255 lph » Designed for gasoline (not for E85) » Good for up to 500hp engines.Aeroflow 325 lph E85 pump Also an internal pump which works with ethanol and is also tested with methanol. Delivered without an install kit.This is a d

CRC Brake lube from 14.90 €

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CRC Brake lube
Metalleja sisältämätön jarruosien voiteluaine jota voidaan käyttää myös alumiini osiin. Varmistaa tärkeiden jarruosien vapaan liikkumisen samalla taaten parhaan mahdollisen hidastuvuuden. Kestää vesirasitusta ja korkeita lämpötiloja. Ei valu jarrusatula- eikä rumpujarru rakenteista. Estää korroosion. Ei saa käyttää jarrupalojen kitkapintaan eikä itse levyyn.

CRC Metal-free Paste from 14.90 €

1item(s)from 14.90 €
CRC Metal-free Paste
Kiinnileikkautumisen estoaine korkeissa lämpötiloissa.Keraaminen asennustahna -40°C - +1400°C lämpötiloille. Estää kierteissä tapahtuvaa tartunta- ja värähtelykulumista.Suojaa jarruosia kiinnipalamiselta ja estää myös jarruosien vinkumisen. Sopii myös ABS-jarruille. Ei aiheuta galvaanista korroosiota.

Billet throttle bodies 65 - 100mm from 129.00 €

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Billet throttle bodies 65 - 100mm
Billet throttlebody with 65, 70, 80, 90 or 100mm ID. The throttlebody is used to allow more air into the engine when the gas pedal is pressed. A bigger throttlebody allows more air into the engine especially with upgraded intake manifolds. Throttle response is also increased due to a larger bore.This can be used to make an adapter plate to fit other bolt patterns or welded to the existing manifold.A bracket for a Bosch tps is included, but any tps can be made to fit with some craftmanship. The bracket ca

Magnaflow performance catalytic converters, gasoline 2" - 3" from 137.00 €

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Magnaflow performance catalytic converters, gasoline 2" - 3"
Clean power with a Magnaflow catalyzer A catalyzer cleans exhaust gasses flowing through it, however most original units are clogged and considerably restrict flow thus further restricting the power of the engine.Free flowing exhaust and minimum emissions? Thats not a daydream, thats a Magnaflow catalyzer. Magnaflow power catalyzers are a must for all serious exhaust upgrades or a DIY exhaust build.In fact, the original catalyzer is usually the most restrictive part of an original exhaust, so you will noti

Quaife ATB differentials from 709.00 €

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Quaife ATB differentials
Quaife ATB is the best street & trackday limited slip differential available. It is silent, reliable and comes with a lifetime warranty. Works like a charm on a daily and if neccessary transforms it into a track monster. BMW and Mercedes differentials are now also listed here.

Supertech pistons from 695.00 €

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Supertech pistons
Supertech pistons design: More than 40 years of experience in the design of racing pistons and the utilization of the latest CAD software & Finite Element Analysis (FAE) enables us to design strong high performance and yet light pistons for each application.Manufacturing: Pistons are manufactured in Argentina with technology transferred from European manufacturers.Our pistons are manufactured from extruded high silicon, enhanced 4032 alloy (with additional Cu, Ni & Mg) that has low thermal expansion, exce

Eibach prospacer clearance on sale from 90.00 €

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Eibach prospacer clearance
Eibach Pro-Spacers Eibach Pro-Spacers are an excellent pair to go with Pro-Kit or Sportline lowering springs and when the wheel looks lack "it". Spacers will bring out the wheels by the amount of their thickness.Widening the track width makes the car more stable and reduces roll, in addition to better looks.Eibach Pro-Spacers are available in 5 to 30 mm thicknesses.Please use the selectors to choose your car model. The width in the product selector is for the complete axle, so a 10 mm track widening me

HKS turbotimer Type-0 on sale from 24.50 €

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HKS turbotimer Type-0
HKS type-0 turbotimer offers an easy installation and just those basic turbotimer features without additional features which sometimes are just in the way.It is intalled with 5 wires, and for most vehicles harnesses are also available.General: HKS Part # 41001-AK009 Compatible with all Turbo Timer Harnesses from HKS Backlit LCD with blue back light Black Display Case (H:22.5mm/W:89.5mm/D:13mm) Black Control Unit Case (H:80.0mm/W:69.0mm/D:21.0mm) LCD Display size (W:41.5mm/H:11mm)Timer modes:

HKS turbotimer Type-1 from 24.50 €

4item(s)from 24.50 €
HKS turbotimer Type-1
HKS's Type-1 turbotimer includes all the basic turbotimer functions from HKS type-0 and adds features like auto-timing mode, vehicle speed and RPM display and a two-stage shift light.The Type-1 also adds a 1/4 mile timer and lap timing functions. MPH and KPH can be selected as units.General: HKS Part # 41001-AK010 Compatible with all Turbo Timer Harnesses from HKS Backlit LCD with blue back light Black Display Case (H:22.5mm/W:89.5mm/D:13mm) Black Control Unit Case (H:80.0mm/W:69.0mm/D:21.0mm) LCD D