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Black Diamond brakediscs

Black diamond black nitrated brake discs, protects from korrosion. Fits for street and racing purposes. Price for pair.


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Black Diamond brake discs

High quality brake components since 1993 in England. Brakediscs fit for street use and racing purposes. Black coated which increases resistance to corrosion and serves an excellent base for brake paints.
Discs exceed OE quality which provides more braking power to car. We recommend to change brakepads with the discs, because used/old brakepads makes grooves easily in new discs.

  • Cheap price
  • Stylish look
  • Black coated surface for corrosion resistance
  • Options for grooved and/or drilled versions
  • Fits for street and racing purposes

  • We always recommend to check the disc sizes, due to many car models have been made with different rotor sizes which are used based on country, trim and engine.

    Drilled (CD):
  • More surface which allows heat to fade more effectively
  • Advance for brake working in rain
  • Drills reduces the weight of the brakedisc

  • Grooved (G12):
  • Smoother brakepad wearing
  • Prevents brakepad from glazing
  • Keeps brakepad clean

  • Drilled and grooved (COM):
  • Combines both benefits from grooved and drilled versions
  • Most popular brakedisc type from customers

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    Pad shape and measurement guide
    Disc shape and measurement guide

    Black Diamond

    Black Diamond products in the shop
    Black Diamond
    The British brake brand Black Diamond is one of our top selling brands. Black Diamond produces brake discs, brake pads, braided brake- and clutch hoses as well as organic, kevlar and sintered clutch kits. Black Diamond gets it's name from the black phosphate treatment, which adds corrosion resistance and offers a great surface for further treatment.
    Black Diamond products in the shop


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