Black Diamond brakediscs

Black diamond black nitrated brake discs, protects from korrosion. Fits for street and racing purposes.


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Black Diamond discs have a black coating which increases resistance to corrosion and serves as an excellent base for brake paints.

The coating also extends inside the vents and drilled holes in the disc, keeping them less rusted and thus improving heat dissipation.

These discs exceed oem quality, so you are guaranteed to get a set which really stops that car!

Street- and competition use

Black Diamond discs are widely used in rally, drifting and track cups because they simply perform well in harsh conditions. The discs are also used on the streets among drivers who appreciate theirs cars performance and like to get the most of it without sacrificing comfort with big brake kits.
A common problem is rain and moisture, which usually causes most brakes to lose power. Black Diamond discs are a good cure for this as due to drilled holes and grooves they do not suffer from this effect that much.

Drilled, grooved or both, how to choose?

Drilled: Drilling holes in the disc reduces the unsprung weight and increases the surface area of the brakes. This gives you faster acceleration due to less inertia and better braking due to better heat dissipation.
Grooved: Grooving a brakedisc keeps the pads and disc clean of dust, and somewhat prevents the pad surface of glassing.
The Combi model has both grooves and holes, and is usually the choice of our customers as it combines both benefits of grooves and holes. We also like to try to stock the combi discs for fast deliveries.
If you only want a drilled disc, choose the CD, as for Cross Drilled. For a grooved disc, choose the G12 model which has12 grooves to keep those brakes clean. For the popular combi model choose COM.

The disc size is mentioned on each product description. As many car manufacturers use several sizes of brakes on their car, please double check the brake size on your car if there is more than option for your car.

Recommened: New brake pads are always recommened for new discs. Old pads will quickly make grooves in the new disc. Black Diamond offers pads and braided hoses in case you want to do a thorough brake renovation. The Black Diamond brake pads and hoses are naturally also available from us.

Additional info

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Pad shape and measurement guide
Disc shape and measurement guide

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    Black Diamond products in the shop
    Black Diamond
    Black Diamond is one of our most popular brands. The brand offers brake components and clutch kits.
    Black Diamond offers discs, coloured in corrosion resistant black, pads and braided hoses.
    For clutches Black Diamond offers organic, kevlar and paddle clutches for up to 40% more torque cap.
    Singlemass flywheel conversions are also available.

    PDF katalog for Black Diamond brake discs & pads can be found here: * Black Diamond disc/pad PDF catalog *
    Black Diamond products in the shop


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