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Eibach Pro-Kit and Sportline lowering springs are the flagship products of this German manufacturer. Being known all around the world, Eibach also makes spacers as B12 suspension kits which come with Bilstein's B12 shocks.

Eibach Prospacer on sale from 88.04 €

Eibach Prospacer
Eibach Pro-Spacers are an excellent pair to go with Pro-Kit or Sportline lowering springs and when the wheel looks lack "it". Spacers will bring out the wheels by the amount of their thickness. Spacers increase track width, and help reduce body roll and increase stability while cornering.

Eibach Pro-Street-S coilovers from 1115.00 €

Eibach Pro-Street-S coilovers
Height adjustable Pro-Street-S kits offer a very sportive driveability without sacrificing too much comfort. Height adjustment means the car is exactly at the height you want, and is extremely useful on cars used around the year - you can rise the car up to normal height for the winter and drop it back down for summer.

Eibach products

Eibach lowering springs

  • TUV-approved spring kits for road use
  • 5-year warranty
  • Works great with OEM shock absorbers
  • Lower centre of grafity giving more performance to driving
  • Eibach lowering springs

  • Eibach B12 suspension kits

  • Lowering usually between 30-50mm depends the kit
  • Available to different models, Pro-kit and Sportline
  • B12 kit has Bilstein B8 shock absorbers with Eibach lowering springs
  • Excellent choice for street use as these kits are made to be comfortable
  • Eibach B12 suspension kits

  • Eibach Pro-Street-S coilover kits

  • Height adjustable suspension kit for road use, lowerings between 20-70mm
  • Made of high quality steel, when these are great especially in Finland
  • Spring technology straight from ERS springs which stands for Eibach Racing Springs
  • Sporty and extremely comfortable in street use, but the kit will work great in racing use as well
  • Eibach Pro-Street-S coilover kits

  • Eibach Pro-Spacer spacers

  • Made of high quality aluminium
  • Perfect fitment as all the spacers are made to be model specific
  • Thicker spacers comes with longer bolts/nuts
  • Available between 5-30mm, so its possible to wide the track by 60mm
  • Eibach Pro-Spacer spacers

  • Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit sway bars

  • Stiffer than OEM swaybars with polyurethane bushes
  • Reduces body roll drastically without sacrificing any comfort
  • Some of the sway bars are 2- or 3-point adjustable
  • Eibach sway bars are sold by pair, but if the car has only one sway bar then it contains only 1 pcs
  • Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit sway bars