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Davies Craig electronic water pumps

Davies Craig electric water pumps are a great cooling upgrade, ensuring maximum flow when needed and saving power compared to a traditional mechanical pump.


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Davies Craig electric water pumps

Davies Craig electric water pumps are a much-wished addition to the range. The pumps can be installed parallel to the original, or as a replacement so that the mechanical pump is completely removed thus reducing accessory power loss and unnecessary flow in high-revving engines.
An electric pump can also be controlled, meaning it can be pulsed to allow a quicker warm-up and left on for a preset time after the engine shuts down.

Pumps are available in seven sizes:
Boosters EP15, EP25, EP40 and
Water pumps EP80, EP115, EP130 and EP150.

The numbers tell the pumps maximum flow (liter per minute). EP115 and EP150 pumps have an alloy body, where smaller pumps have a nylon body which is essentially the same as radiator ends and most other parts used in cooling systems.

A controller is also available either separately, or with the pumps as a kit.
EBP15 water pump
Max flow: 15 l / min
Fits as a booster for low power engines and tool engines.
Fitting size: 19mm

EBP25 water pump
Max flow: 25 l / min
Fits engines <1000cc.
Fitting size: 19mm

EBP40 water pump
Max flow: 37 l / min
Fits motorcycles or as a booster pump for cars.
Fitting size: 19mm

EWP80 water pump
Max flow: 80 l / min
Fits small and medium-sized engine for up to ~200hp and 2.5 liter.
Fitting size: 32-51mm

EWP115 water pump
Max flow: 115 l / min
For high power engines between 200 and 350hp. Available with either an alloy or nylon body. Both versions have equal specs, but the aluminum version allows a more rigid mounting and can withstand harder abuse.
Fitting size: 38-51mm

EWP130 water pump
Max flow: 130 l / min
For engines up to 400 hp.
Fitting size: 32-51mm

EWP150 water pump
Max flow: 150 l / min
Fits high-power engines and competition use. Comes with an aluminum body so this pump can take a lot of abuse.
Fitting size: 38-51mm
Pump kits
The pump kits include a power harness and fuses in addition to the actual pump. Part of the pumps (EWP80->) also include adapter sleeves so different diameters of coolant hoses can be used.

Controller combos
A pump & controller kit includes the above parts from pumps, and in addition the controller, relays, harness and temperature sensors. All you need to make it work so to speak.

In general, care should be taken to ensure a good ground and sufficient wiring for the pump. A bad power supply can damage electric motors of all kinds, so ensuring proper grounding and wiring will ensure your pump lasts long and is reliable.
Dual controller V2
The dual controller can control both fan and pump operation. It can be set with a target engine temperature between 70 and 95 degrees.

The new V2 controller has a better memory and retains it's settings even when power is cut to it, which is actually pretty common in competition cars which are regularly serviced. The V2 version also shows exact system temperature and includes a 3-minute cooling cycle (configurable) after engine shut-off. A cooling cycle reduces the chance of local boiling in hotspots.

Mounting bracket
The mounting bracket can be used with EWP115, 150 and 150 pumps. It ensures a rigid mounting and eases installation as you can be sure the pump stays in place even in hard conditions. The bracket has an inner rubber lining, which insulates some vibration coming from the engine, and also allows for thermal expansion.


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Davies craig chevrolet small block ewp adaptor kit
104.00 €/ kit
Davies craig coolant temperature sensor dcpl
17.90 €/ pcs
Davies craig dual digital controller with lcd screen (new model)
209.00 €/ pcs
Davies craig electronic water pump kit, ewp115 alloy pump & v2 controller combo
366.50 €/ pcs
Davies craig electronic water pump kit, ewp115 nylon pump & v2 controller combo
345.50 €/ pcs
Davies craig electronic water pump kit, ewp130 pump & controller kit
377.00 €/ pcs
Davies craig electronic water pump kit, ewp150 pump & v2 controller combo
387.50 €/ pcs
Davies craig electronic water pump kit, ewp80 pump & v2 controller combo
335.00 €/ pcs
Davies craig electronic water pump, ebp15 pump kit
125.00 €/ pcs
Davies craig electronic water pump, ebp25 pump
198.50 €/ pcs
Davies craig electronic water pump, ebp40 pump
209.00 €/ pcs
Davies craig electronic water pump, ewp115 alloy pump kit
230.00 €/ pcs
Davies craig electronic water pump, ewp115 nylon pump kit
209.00 €/ pcs
Davies craig electronic water pump, ewp130 pump kit
251.00 €/ pcs
Davies craig electronic water pump, ewp150 pump kit
251.00 €/ pcs
Davies craig electronic water pump, ewp80 pump kit
188.00 €/ pcs
Davies craig ewp mounting bracket kit (ewp115 / 130 / 150)
57.80 €/ pcs
Davies craig ewp pump flange adapter -16 an (6-bolt flange, aluminium) fits ewp80/115/130/150 pump
28.40 €/ pcs

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