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Race Performance Ltd

Kirkkotie 264, 07170 Pornainen, Finland
☎ 020 790 2 790
✉ info@race.fi
☛ www.race.fi

Race Point pickup opening times (Race Point cafeteria side for paid orders)

  • Mon-fri 06 - 20
  • Sat 09 - 20
  • Sun 10 - 18

  • Race Performance sales opening time

  • tue - fri 11am - 4pm

  • Read about our payment and shipping options from Payment- and shipping information.

    Read here who we are and what we're about: about us.

    Race Performance and Race Point operate in the same building in Pornainen and are one company. Race Performance, Racesells performance parts, and Race Point, Point is the cafeteria and gasoline station side which serves for pickup and offers oils, rvs treatments and car care products.

    Contact us!

    You can contact us by:
  • email info@race.fi
  • calling, tel +358(0)20 790 2 790 (tue - fri 11am to 4pm)
  • our contact form.

  • Race.Fi on social media

  • facebook.com/racefi
  • instagram.com/racefi
  • twitter.com/racedotfi
  • linkedin/company/2377227
  • pinterest.com/racefi

  • Your feedback is valuable

    Whether good or bad, we'd very much like to hear it. The most important is the bad, as that allows us to improve. The good is very nice to get, as it puts a smile on everyone's face in the office.



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