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The famous Cusco parts. We are the official finnish distributor for Cusco.
You will find plate type differentials, coilovers, rollcages, strutbars, control arms and many more interesting items from this brand.

Cusco differentials from 1200.00 €

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Cusco differentials
Cusco Type-RS LSD is available in 1, 1.5 and 2 way -settings. Type-RS LSD is most suited to the street, whereas the Type-MZ is suited to the track.With the Type-RS, the initial torque is absorbed by the RS springs therefore the initial torque comes on gently compared to the Type-MZ which comes on stronger as it uses cone plates and response of the LSD is better, as the friction is lower.We offer other limited slip differentials as well. You can also check these: Quaife limited slip differentials, Kaaz limit

Cusco supercharger kit, GT86 / Brz from 4990.00 €

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Cusco supercharger kit, GT86 / Brz
Linear Acceleration Similiar to a 3.0liter engine.* Non-intercooled kits available * Completely bolt on. No Modifications necessary. * Increased torque similiar to that of a 3.0liter engine. * Twin screw type supercharger.Power Data Over a 30% increase in power output as compared to factory figures with plentiful torqueband that is usable in dynamic range of conditions.* Cusco supercharger kit Peak power: 208ps / 7400 rpm >> 32.4% gain over factory. Peak torque: 24.6kg * m/5600rpm >> 43.0% gain ov

Cusco strutbars Nissan, Honda, mitsubishi & Toyota CLEARANCE on sale from 90.00 €

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Cusco strutbars Nissan, Honda, mitsubishi & Toyota CLEARANCE
Cusco highly supported by braces advantage and the rear shock absorber between the towers.Strut alleviate the living body, particularly when cornering and on uneven surfaces. Decreased body Living in turn increases the shock absorbers and suspension action.* Type-TI: Full titanium cross support. * Type-CB: 40mm Strut with carbon rod. * Type-Alc-40: Carbon fiber coated with a 38mm aluminum bar. * Type-40: Rod 40mm aluminum tube. * Type-40D Rod 40mm D shape in aluminum. * Type-Alc-OS: Aluminum oval, coat

Cusco strutbars on sale from 90.00 €

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Cusco strutbars
The Cusco All All strutbars are made up to the highest standards. The bars are not made of plain profile, but also have an internal profile unlike cheaper strutbars.A strutbar reduces the flex of the body during cornering, and can increase the travel of the suspension up to 6 or 7mm which effectively means your upgraded suspension is more able to do it's job.*Type-TI: Full titanium strutbar. *Type-CB: 40mm carbon fiber strutbar. *Type-Alc-40: 38mm aluminum bar with a carbon fiber coating. *Type-40: 40mm

Cusco radiator caps from 29.00 €

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Cusco radiator caps
Radiator caps The radiator caps purpose is to maintain a certain pressure in the coolant system. When the cap pressure is exceeded, the cap releases the pressure into the expansion tank. When the coolant cools down forming a negative pressure, the cap allows the flow back into the system.High pressure caps The original caps are usually rated to 0.7 - 0.9 bar. Cusco caps are rated at 1.3 bar.The boiling point of water raises by pressure: 0.0 bar: 100,0 C (atmospheric pressure) 0,7 bar: 115,4 C 1.0 bar: