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The famous Cusco parts. We are the official finnish distributor for Cusco.
You will find plate type differentials, coilovers, rollcages, strutbars, control arms and many more interesting items from this brand.

Cusco supercharger kit, GT86 / Brz 5239.50 €

Cusco supercharger kit, GT86 / Brz
Linear Acceleration Similiar to a 3.0liter engine.* Non-intercooled kits available * Completely bolt on. No Modifications necessary. * Increased torque similiar to that of a 3.0liter engine. * Twin screw type supercharger.Power Data Over a 30% increase in power output as compared to factory figures with plentiful torqueband that is usable in dynamic range of conditions.* Cusco supercharger kit Peak power: 208ps / 7400 rpm >> 32.4% gain over factory. Peak torque: 24.6kg * m/5600rpm >> 43.0% gain ov