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Payment, shipment & taxes

Shipping methods

Traceable packages in EU

Postal packageMatkahuolto
PriceMax KgpickupPriceMax Kg
Austria14,9031,5Courier delivery
Belgium14,9031,5Courier delivery
Bulgaria16,9031,5Courier delivery
Chez republic12,9031,5Courier delivery
Denmark9,9031,5Courier delivery15,9020
Estonia9,9031,5Courier delivery15,9030
Germany12,9031,5Courier delivery
Hungary16,9031,5Courier delivery
Latvia9,9031,5Courier delivery15,9030
Lithuania9,9031,5Courier delivery15,9030
Luxembourg16,9031,5Courier delivery
Poland12,9031,5Courier delivery
Portugal16,9031,5Courier delivery
Slovakia16,9031,5Courier delivery
Slovenia16,9031,5Courier delivery
Spain16,9031,5Courier delivery
Sweden9,9031,5Courier delivery15,9020
The Netherlands14,9031,5Courier delivery

Orders over 400 € to the above European countries are delivered free of charge, with the exception of big items requiring special handling or pallet shipments!

Traceable international packages
We use UPS or Postal services, please ask our sales for more info it your country is not listed above.

Traceable packages in Finland
  • Posti, postal parcel 16: delivery time ~1 days.
  • Over 200 € orders without charge with Posti and Schenker.

  • These parcels are traceable, and they can be picked up from the postal office or a Matkahuolto point. The postal service will inform of a new parcel by letter, or a text message, Matkahuolto will always use a text message..

    Payment methods

    International customers
  • Credit cards via Paytrail, no extra charge.
  • Bank transfer, no extra charge.
  • Paypal, fee 3,5€ + 3,5% of payment (paypal base fee).

  • PayPal transfers
    Our PayPal address is paypal@race.fi. Orders chosen to pay through PayPal include PayPal fees, so please choose us as the payer of fees when making a transfer. Please make the transfer by logging into your PayPal account by going to the PayPal website. For security reasons, we will only ship to the address on your PayPal account.

    Finnish customers
    We accept most Finnish netbanks, creditcards, paypal, payment plans, and prepayment for all shipments. In our shop you can pay by cash or most credit and debit cards.

    All prices include taxes.

    Finnish VAT, 24 % is included in all prices. Sales to all customers in Finland, and private customers in Europe is at prices including VAT. Sales to EU companies and anyone outside the EU is without tax. Import taxes or duties might apply at the customer side outside the EU, and the customer is responsible for them.

    Do you need to pay vat?
    Here's the table. The region is the place you live or where your company is registered. A "no" means we will deduct vat from your order and update your invoice.

    IndividualCompany (valid vat id)
    Other EUYesNo
    Outside EUNoNo