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Race.Fi billet throttle bodies 65 - 100mm

Race.Fi billet throttle bodies in 65 to 100 mm sizes. A quality body with precise operation, including a matching aluminium flange as well.


Price (incl.vat) 132.90 - 151.90 / pcs ✔ Delivery time 5 - 25 working days.
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Billet throttlebody with 65, 70, 80, 90 or 100mm ID.
The throttlebody is used to allow more air into the engine when the gas pedal is pressed.
A bigger throttlebody allows more air into the engine especially with upgraded intake manifolds. Throttle response is also increased due to a larger bore.

This can be used to make an adapter plate to fit other bolt patterns or welded to the existing manifold.

A bracket for a Bosch tps is included, but any tps can be made to fit with some craftmanship. The bracket can also be removed and thus replaced with a custom one. Sensor fitting is on a 8 mm D-shaft.

The throttle link and TPS mountings are removable so they can mounted on either side of the body easing installation.

Bolt pattern:
TB65: 60x60 mm
TB70: 75x65 mm
TB80: 80x80 mm
TB90: 86x86 mm
TB100: 100x106 mm

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Race.fi 100mm id throttlebody
151.90 € 159.90 €/ pcs
In stock
Race.fi 65mm id throttlebody
139.90 €/ pcs
☓ Availability not known, not available for order.
Race.fi 70mm id throttlebody
132.90 € 139.90 €/ pcs
☓ Availability not known, not available for order.
Race.fi 80mm id throttlebody
132.90 € 139.90 €/ pcs
In stock
Race.fi 90mm id throttlebody
132.90 € 139.90 €/ pcs
In stock

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