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Forged pistons, cams, gaskets, differentials and transmissions - everything for the engine & transmission

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Clutch Masters clutches from 132.00 €

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Clutch Masters clutches
Clutch Masters clutches keep what they promise and always come ready for install including the disc, pressure assembly, throw out bearing, input shaft bearing and a centering tool. The clutch masters clutches are divided into 7 categories:FX100 = A basic replacement clutch for the street cars. Choose this if you dont plan to tickle your engine.FX200 = The same as FX100, but with a more endurable disc for prolonged life.FX300 = The most popular model of the clutches. A segmented disc (pictured) ena

Quaife ATB differentials from 709.00 €

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Quaife ATB differentials
Quaife ATB is the best street & trackday limited slip differential available. It is silent, reliable and comes with a lifetime warranty. Works like a charm on a daily and if neccessary transforms it into a track monster. BMW and Mercedes differentials are now also listed here.

Cusco differentials from 1200.00 €

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Cusco differentials
Cusco Type-RS LSD is available in 1, 1.5 and 2 way -settings. Type-RS LSD is most suited to the street, whereas the Type-MZ is suited to the track.With the Type-RS, the initial torque is absorbed by the RS springs therefore the initial torque comes on gently compared to the Type-MZ which comes on stronger as it uses cone plates and response of the LSD is better, as the friction is lower.We offer other limited slip differentials as well. You can also check these: Quaife limited slip differentials, Kaaz limit

Kaaz LSD differentials from 755.00 €

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Kaaz LSD differentials
Kaaz is a well-known differential brand and offers reasonably priced differentials for many popular cars like Nissan, Toyota, BMW and VAG-brands.You can select the unit by selecting your car first, and then choosing appropriate transmission and differential types which your car has.If you find it hard to choose, please contact our sales for assistance!We offer other limited slip differentials as well. You can also check these: Quaife limited slip differentials, Cusco limited slip differentials, Tran-X l

Gripper LSD / plate-type differentials from 509.00 €

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Gripper LSD / plate-type differentials
An LSD, also called a locking differential enables better traction, as opposed to an open diff, it enables engine power to be transferred to both wheels.Gripper differentials Gripper plate-type differentials, designed for competition uses, are available in three different combos of ramp angles: 30/65, 40/65 or 45/45 deg. Add your choice of ramps to the order details at checkout.These units are servicable, and service parts are also available from us.A good oil to use with Gripper differentials is Red L

Mishimoto Intercoolers from 171.00 €

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Mishimoto Intercoolers
Compressor pressurizing the air temperature can reach closer to 200 degrees. The cooler the air is, the more air can be confined to the engine - the temperature rises without volume increases. Intercooler task is therefore cooled and crystallized be summarized thus reaching the engine air.Intercooler cools better exchange and flowing intercooler significantly improve the performance of the engine. The new intercooler the flow resistance is smaller and the turbo or supercharger thong produced by the hot charge a

Cometic MLS head gaskets Bmw, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and Volvo from 79.00 €

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Cometic MLS head gaskets Bmw, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and Volvo
Cometic MLS head gaskets An MLS head gasket is in all ways a superior choice compared to an original gasket. When engine power increases the pressure and stress on the the gasket also increses. Cometic ensures the gasket wont fail.The Cometic MLS gaskets are an affordable an in all ways proven product to upgrade the headgasket. They are also reusable.This article lists the most popular Cometic gaskets we sell. Other models are available from our sales.

Davies Craig electronic water pumps from 13.00 €

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Davies Craig electronic water pumps
EWP80 - suitable for most small and medium sized engines, up to around 2.5 litres/200HP. The EWP80 is the most flexible pump in terms of mounting configurations. EWP115 - for higher power and tuned engines in the 200-350HP range. Available with either glass-filled nylon 66 or alloy body. The performance of the two pumps is identical, but the alloy body can be hard mounted and so is more suitable for rough treatment eg. in rally cars. EWP150 - suits very high powered engines, race cars, very hard working 4x4

Holset HX35 Super turbo from 799.00 €

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Holset HX35 Super turbo
Holset HX35 Super offers great spoolup and a wide range of raw power. The Holset Super HX35 is designed to be used on 1.6 to 2.0-liter engines offering animalistic low end torque As an example, an SR20DET engine can reach 600nm of torque with the Holset HX35 super.Holset HX35 Super specs power for 300-450 hp. compressor 54 / 77mm. turbine 65 / 55mm. turbine housing: Single 8cm² 4-bolt. water-cooled center.Turbocharger A turbocharger pressurizes air using exhaust gas pressure. Unlike superchargers, a

Mishimoto transmission coolers from 54.00 €

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Mishimoto transmission coolers
Universal mounting for use in any applicationEfficient, lightweight, tube-and-fin design promotes dramatic fluid temperature drops 3/8" push-on fittings for ease of installationIncludes 5 ft of durable rubber hose, a universal mounting kit, and 4 worm-gear clampsApplicable for use with transmission fluid, power steering fluid, engine oil, and a variety of other automotive fluids

Race.Fi oilcoolers 13 and 25 rows from 79.00 €

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Race.Fi oilcoolers 13 and 25 rows
The Race.Fi oil coolers are ideal for engine, transmission or diff coolers. The oil coolers also fit our filter relocation kits and our oil coolers kits.Pipe fitting: AN8 Stock sizes 13 and 25 row coolers.13-row cooler Core-size: Height 100mm, width 290mm. Overall size: Height 130mm, width 330mm.25-row cooler Core-size: Height 200mm, width 290mm. Overall size: Height: 230mm, width 330mm.In addition you might also be interested in our oil filter relocation kit or the oil cooler kit which include

Cometic MLS exhaust gaskets from 39.00 €

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Cometic MLS exhaust gaskets
Cometic MLS exhaust manifold gaskets keep a tight seal where regulars will fail.Made to the same strict standards as Cometic's head gaskets, these are a good addition to have when the exhaust gaskets is going to be changed.In addition, we also supply other Cometic gaskets, turbo gaskets and exhaust gaskets.

Oil filter relocation kit from 169.00 €

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Oil filter relocation kit
Oil filter relocation and oil cooler kit. Our kit includes the hardware needed to relocate oil filter, and if neccessary intall an oil cooler.The kit includes two flanges, one which bolts in place of the original filter, and one which the filter is relocated to. Three braided hoses are included, so if you wish an oil cooler can also be installed.The flange has two 1/8 NPT sensor holes, where sensors for oil pressure and temperature gauges can be installed. AN8 fittings.The kit is compatible with cars