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Mishimoto radiators

Mishimoto alloy performance radiators are an effective bolt-on upgrade with a thick core. These bolt-on radiators put overheating in the past.


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Car radiator ensures the cooling of the engine coolant. Ice cold - or hot - the truth is that about 1/3 of the motor burning of the fuel energy is converted into heat, it takes part of the mechanical losses of, and the only remaining part of its output is obtained which moves the car.

If the motor power is doubled, also the heat generated is doubled when the original cooler is insufficient.
The cooler also functions as a kind of reserve cold water. When the car is driven in normal operation, for example, in town, let the thermostat as necessary to cool the water to the engine when the hot water respectively enters the radiator to cool

We made a small listing about the sizes for you guys who are looking for something not on the lists. Mishimoto aluminum radiator sizes (opens in a new window).

Why change the Mishimoto radiator?

Mishimoto loads of the original thermostatic are thicker, which means that cooler that cools the cell has more surface area, and the condenser, can hold more water.
A more efficient radiator to keep the engine temperature is also safe for tougher conditions, such as track-driving or when standing in a traffic jam where the relative wind does not blow the cooling unit.

- Mishimoto radiators are model bolt on products.
- The universal, separately of the models available.
- Fully aluminum construction that will not fail under high pressure at all.
- Supplied with a high pressure cap.
- The market's best price-cooling effect.
- The bigger the volume of water and better cooling performance even when standing almost in place.


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