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Race.Fi delivers a wide variety of performance car parts. Below is a listing of some brands we supply. Other brands are also available by request.

Each brand links to it's products in our webshop. We can usually supply you with all the products from a brand even if they are not listed in our webshop.


Bar-Tek products in the shop
Bar-Tek is specialized in Volkswagen and Audi engine parts, and we distribute all of their products in Finland. Bar-Tek offers their own range of products, as well as several well-known performance brands as part of their product range. Pricing is based on the Bar-Tek website pricing, and net prices in Finland are the same as their prices.
Bar-Tek products in the shop
Bar-Tek website


Brisk products in the shop
Brisk is an Czech top notch manufacturer for spark plugs.
The Brisk spark plugs are a proven choice for both stock and highly tuned engines. Where mainstream brands focus on costs, Brisk as a smaller brand focuses on quality of their plugs.
The applications are listed on the Brisk website, and you can make your order through our webshop. Brisk is stocked widely at Race Performance ltd.
Brisk products in the shop
Brisk website

Helix autosport

Helix autosport products in the shop
The British clutch manufacturer Helix autosport are known for their clutch and flywheel ranges, which roughly fall into the performance line for bolt-on street applications, and the race line for multi-plate clutches and their according flywheels.

Catalogs & pricelist (open in a new window)
Helix Autosport pricelist
Helix Autosport performance bolt-on clutch catalog
Helix Autosport flywheel catalog
Helix Autosport race & multiplate catalog
Helix Autosport classic catalog
Helix autosport products in the shop
Helix autosport website


Kaaz products in the shop
Kaaz is an Japanese clutch type differential manufacturer offering great value for money.
Kaaz limited slip differentials are a common choice in rally, track and road-racer cars.

Other products from Kaaz, mainly LSD overhaul kits and gear ratios are also available from our sales.
Kaaz products in the shop
Kaaz website