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Oils & supplies, Page 1

Glues, oils, additives, cleaning products & other goodies

Thermotec keeps heat where you want, RVS revives a worn out engine or transmission. K&N recharger kits make cleaning the air filter a walk in the park, and of course Red Line oils lubricate in even extreme conditions. These - and other handy products are found here.

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Sonax carwash accessories from 1.90 €

6item(s)from 1.90 €
Sonax carwash accessories
Asianmukaiseen auton huoltoon tarvitaan myös asianmukaiset tarvikkeet.Valikoimassa synteettiset säämiskät, säämiskää aidosta nahkasta sekä mikrokuituliinat sisä ja ulkokäyttöön. Mikrokuituliinoilla saadaan paras mahdollinen lopputulos, koska se ei irroita lainkaan kuituja käsiteltävään pintaan niin kuin normaalit rätit ja pyyhkeet tekevät.

Thermotec heatwraps from 5.90 €

6item(s)from 5.90 €
Thermotec heatwraps
Thermotec heatwraps Thermotec heatwrap keeps engine-room temperatures down. Heatwrap is wrapped around exhaust manifold and it keeps most of the heat in exhaust gas.Thermotec wraps available in 15meter rolls and in 1 meter slices. Width 1 and 2 inches.- Can take 1100'c constant heat. Thickness below 2mm.Thermotec heatwrap material required Heat wrap required per meter of straight pipe. The lengths are advisory only, and for a straight pipe. Bends, collectors, lambda fittings and a changing diameter

Copper lock nuts from 2.00 €

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Copper lock nuts
Copper locking nuts for a tight sealLeaking exhausts are a common problem. A leaking sound, low boost pressure and a failed emission test are all problems which can be caused by a leaking exhaust.Copper locking nuts are the best nuts you can use, because they dont come loose like their iron cousins due to thermal expansion.Especially turbo gaskets will also fail quickly after the bolts have come loose, and that will result in a kind of screaming sound.The copper locking nuts are stocked and readily