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Glues, oils, additives, cleaning products & other goodies

Thermotec keeps heat where you want, RVS revives a worn out engine or transmission. K&N recharger kits make cleaning the air filter a walk in the park, and of course Red Line oils lubricate in even extreme conditions. These - and other handy products are found here.

If you cant find what you're looking for, or simply feel lazy, contact our sales and we'll do the searching for you!

RVS treatments on sale from 18.00 €

20item(s)on sale from 18.00 €
RVS treatments
RVS provides a wide range of engine treatment for all types of engines and machinery. We supply specialist greases, individual Engine oil additives and fuel treatment which restores moving worn out parts to a reusable conditions and economising fuel consumption.RVS treatment is a form of ‘NANO Technology’, which takes place at the atomic level, which uses the mechanical friction generated by engines or machinery and the microscopic metal particles present in your lubricant, whether it be oil or greases, and a

Thermotec heatwraps from 5.90 €

8item(s)from 5.90 €
Thermotec heatwraps
Thermotec heatwraps Thermotec heatwrap keeps engine-room temperatures down. Heatwrap is wrapped around exhaust manifold and it keeps most of the heat in exhaust gas.Thermotec wraps available in 15meter rolls and in 1 meter slices. Width 1 and 2 inches.- Can take 1100'c constant heat. Thickness below 2mm.Roster attachment bands. Available 12pcs 9 inch bands V8 kit 8pcs 9inches 4PCS 18 inches bands.Note: Returns for custom length wraps (sku ends with _1m) are not accepted.

CRC brake cleaner from 8.90 €

3item(s)from 8.90 €
CRC brake cleaner
The CRC brake cleaner Five of the active substance formed by the brake parts cleaner. Removes oil, grease, ingrained dirt and brake fluid. Very effective. Pleasant fragrance and convenient 360 "shower head. Fast evaporating, leaving no residue. Directions: Spray on and let it work. Wipe off or spray again, so that dirt is washed off. Avoid using sensitive surfaces.

Race.Fi gift coupon from 10.00 €

1item(s)from 10.00 €
Race.Fi gift coupon
Giftcard to Race.Fi webshop and store.Delivery cost of the coupon is free, and its delivered as letter. One coupon is worth 10 € and the actual giftcard is written on your giftcard worth. For example 10 pcs of coupon = giftcard worth of 100€ and so on.Information for giftcard - Giftcard is currency same way as money. - The amount of the giftcard will be creditet from the orders total sum. - Giftcard / Coupon is valid one year from the purchase date. - Coupon amount will be creditet from webshop salespri

Copper lock nuts from 2.00 €

4item(s)from 2.00 €
Copper lock nuts
Copper locking nuts for a tight sealLeaking exhausts are a common problem. A leaking sound, low boost pressure and a failed emission test are all problems which can be caused by a leaking exhaust.Copper locking nuts are the best nuts you can use, because they dont come loose like their iron cousins due to thermal expansion.Especially turbo gaskets will also fail quickly after the bolts have come loose, and that will result in a kind of screaming sound.The copper locking nuts are stocked and readily

K&N Recharger kit from 23.00 €

1item(s)from 23.00 €
K&N Recharger kit
Cleaning and re-oiling an air filter is easy. K&N Air filters are designed to last at least as long as your car, but they still need to be cleaned and serviced from time to time.Over time, the filter collects dust which reduces airflow, and further reduces power and fuel efficiency. With the K&N recharge kit you can restore the filter to its original condition.The kit is also a good purchase when you get a new filter, because the shipping costs are the same for any order, and you should have the recharger

Redline fuel additives on sale from 12.70 €

4item(s)on sale from 12.70 €
Redline fuel additives
Si-1 gasoline additive - Cleans injectors, carburetors, valve and combustion chamber deposits with a concentrated blend of the most powerful high-temp and low-temp detergents available - Cleans to nearly 100% efficiency in one treatment - Reduces need for octane by up to two points - Contains synthetic upper cylinder lubricant - Cleans pollution control valves - Use one bottle per tank for most effective treatment of neglected vehicle - Also use in smaller doses for maintenance as one bottle treats up to 100

CRC contact cleaner from 14.90 €

1item(s)from 14.90 €
CRC contact cleaner
CRC contact cleanerCleans connectors and electric components gently and thoroughly. Removes corrosion and oxidations ensuring a good contact.One of the must-have bottles in any garage. Please see instructions on bottle before use.

Redline transmission and differential oils from 28.20 €

2item(s)from 28.20 €
Redline transmission and differential oils
Red Line transmission oils Appropriate coefficient of friction for most manual transmission synchronizers (other's synthetic gear oils are often too slippery for proper synchro engagement). Red Line offers lubricants to pinpoint nearly every transmission application. MTL, MT-85 & MT-90 are not for use in differentials with hypoid gears. Excellent gear and synchro protection, balanced slipperiness for easier shifting in cold climates.MTL - Popular for BMW, Honda and Acura, Ford Focus, late-model Mini Cooper, L

Redline racing engine oils on sale from 11.00 €

1item(s)on sale from 11.00 €
Redline racing engine oils
Motor oil for racing Reformulated for improved frictional properties. Special detergents for improved lubricity and less detonation. Polyol ester base stocks provide more stability and film strength when exposed to excess fuel dilution. Each of these products has no less than 2200ppm of zinc and phosphorus for antiwear.SAE 2 (0W) - Only for drag racing SAE 5 (0W) - Only for drag racing SAE 10 (0W10) - Only for drag racing SAE 20(5W20) - Drag racing, track and other racingengines. SAE 30(10W30) - For racin

Amsoil accesories from 1.70 €

3item(s)from 1.70 €
Amsoil accesories
Amsoil käsipumppu Amsoil käsipumppu on pumppu joka laitetaan öljypurkkiin kiinni ja silloin voidaan lisätä öljyä hankalaampankin paikaan, esimerkikiksi vaihteistoon tai perään.Amsoil joustava kaatonokka Amsoil joustava kaatonokka on hyvä ja helppo tuote, jolla saadaan öljy osumaan oikeeseen paikaan, mikäli öljyn täyttöputki on hankalassa paikassa.Amsoil kaatonokan korkki Kaatonokan kortti joustavaan kaatonokkaan.

Amsoil Engine and Transmission Flush from 16.40 €

1item(s)from 16.40 €
Amsoil Engine and Transmission Flush
Amsoil Engine and Transmission Flash on moottori tai vaihteistoöljyn sekaan laitettava puhdistusaine. Se huuhtelee pien, lietteen ja epäpuhtaudet. Auttaa myös irroittamaan jumittavat männänrenkaat ja venttiilit. Lisätään öljyn sekaan käyntilämpöiseen diesel- tai bensiinimoottoriin tai automaattivaiheistoon, ja annetaan auton käydä 10-15 minuuttia, jonka jälkeen suodatin ja öljyt vaihdetaan välittömästi.

Amsoil Diesel Recovery diesel additive from 26.10 €

1item(s)from 26.10 €
Amsoil Diesel Recovery diesel additive
Amsoil Diesel Recovery Amsoil Diesel Recovery liuottaa tehokkaasti vahakiteet, jotka muodustavat kun dieselin lämpötila putoaa alle samepisteen. Diesel Recovery liuottaa myös nopeasti geeliintyneen dieselin ja sulattaa jäätyneen polttoaineensuodattimen. Soveltuu kaikille diesel laaduille ja se ei myöskään sisällä alkoholeja eikä aiheuta korroosiota. Yksi pullo käsittelee maksimissaan 600 litraa dieseliä.

Amsoil Diesel Cetane Booster diesel additive from 16.00 €

1item(s)from 16.00 €
Amsoil Diesel Cetane Booster diesel additive
Amsoil Diesel Cetane Booster Amsoil Diesel Cetane Boost on nimensä mukaan setaaniluvun boosteri joka kohottaa setaanilukua dieselissä jopa 7 yksikköä (1 pullo/300l), millä saavutetaan maksimaalinen teho, pienempi kulutus, hiljaisempi käyntiääni ja helpompi käynnistys. Soveltuu myös hiukkassuodattimella varustettuihin autoihin ja on yhteensopiva myös muiden lisäaineiden kanssa. 1 pullo käsittelee maksimissaan 600 litraa dieseliä.

Amsoil Diesel Injector Clean from 13.30 €

2item(s)from 13.30 €
Amsoil Diesel Injector Clean
Amsoil Diesel Injector Clean Amsoilin Diesel Injector Clean on täydellinen polttoainejärjestelmän puhdistusaine ja voiteluaine kaikenlaisiin Diesel-moottoreihin, myös common rail. Amsoil Diesel Injector Clean puhdistaa palotilan ja suuttimet sekä sisältä että palotilan puolelta. Se voitelee myös pumpun ja suuttimet, mikä parantaa hyötysuhdetta huomattavasti. Soveltuu myös hiukkassuodattimella varustettuihin autoihin. Yksi pullo käsittelee 300litraa Dieseliä.Amsoil Injector Clean + Cold Flow Amsoilin Diesel In

Amsoil Gasoline Stabilizer from 15.30 €

1item(s)from 15.30 €
Amsoil Gasoline Stabilizer
Amsoil Gasoline Stabilizer on bensiinin kausisäilytysaine. Kaupalliset bensiinilaadut alkavat pilaantua jopa parissa kuukaudessa ja muodostavat pihkaa, joka tukkii injektorit, kaasuttimet ja jumittaa neulaventtiilit. Stabilointiaine ehkäisee bensiinin pilaantumisen seisonnan aikana. 1 pullo käsittelee 150l bensiiniä.

Amsoil Quickshot gasoline additive from 18.60 €

1item(s)from 18.60 €
Amsoil Quickshot gasoline additive
Quickshot on bensiinin lisäaine, joka sopii sekä 2- että 4-tahtisiin, ruisku- että kaasutin-moottoreihin. Poistaa moottorista karstan ja liuottaa pihkaantuneen bensiinin. Estää etanolia muodostamasta omaa faasiaan veden kanssa tankin pohjalle. Sopii lyhyt-aikaiseen bensiinin stabilointiin. Ennaltaehkäisyyn 1 pullo 46 litraan bensiniä, pikapuhdistuksessa 1 pullo 23 litraan bensiiniä.
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