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Wisefab link kits Nissan

Wisefab Nissan kits ensure your drift is not up to lock amounts. Available for 200sx S13, S14 and S15, Skyline, 350z and 370z -models.


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Nissan lock kits from Wisefab

Engineered for performance and handling
• 65 degrees of lock, parallel steering - both wheels turn the same angle. As an option, there would be a possibility to buy Ackermann adjustment kit. You could tune your steering geometry either towards positive or negative Ackermann in just a few minutes even at trackside without messing up an alignment.
• Higher roll center (RC). Lowering the car would mess up the original factory designed kinematics, especially with MacPherson suspension. On Wisefab knuckle, the ball joint is lowered 56mm, which brings the front RC up on lowered car, providing higher roll stiffness and letting to remove the front anti roll bar (sway bar) that is quite difficult to package with that high lock angles.
• Very good camber control and minimal bump steer with high steering angles. On drift cars the dynamic camber and bump steer is much more important than static. With our kinematics we have assured that the camber would provide very good front grip and bump steer is minimal at all the range of steering.
• Steering jacking control. During steering the car chassis is moving up and down – this is called jacking. Steering jacking is caused by combination of caster, KPI, trail and scrub. On road cars, this effect is used sometimes to balance the car or to help to turn in. During drifting, when steering angle is much bigger, jacking is also bigger, even with the same geometry and it could become a problem. We have changed the geometry that it doesn’t cause any handling issues.
• Consistent and predictable self-alignment torque. Caster is not the only important parameter to provide sufficient self-alignment torque especially at high lock. It’s the combination of different parameters to maintain consistent trail and self-alignment torque. With our setup the steering wheel turns always to the direction of movement and doesn’t get stuck at full lock.
• Other components, packaging and clearance.
This kit assumes coilovers to have enough clearance.
Dependent on rim width and ET, wider fenders or fender flares would be needed.
15“original rim could be used if needed.
With tire diameter not bigger than 605mm (215/40R17) and lowered ride height the inner wheel wells don’t have to be modified.
With tire diameter up to 635mm (215/45R17, 225/45R17, 235/40R17, 225/40R18 etc) and lowered ride height the inner wheel wells need to be slightly modified.
Recommended backspacing is 135-140mm (7“ ET45, 8“ ET35, 9“ ET25). If ET is smaller, then wheels stay more outwards, if ET is bigger, then spacers need to be used.

• The kit is designed and manufactured the way that after installation and toe adjustment it’s ready to use right away.

Wisefab rear kits for Nissan

Nissan S-Chassis rear suspension kit to provide maximum grip on lowered car with major weight reduction
• Revised kinematics, not just dropped knuckle.
Dropped knuckles are good to maintain factory kinematics on lowered car, but still factory kinematics is more designed for everyday streetcar. If maximum grip is the keyword and combination of good roll centre position, camber gain, antisquat and bumpsteer are required, then dropped knuckle is not good enough. That is the reason why we totally revised the kinematics.
• More than 10kg of weight reduction over original components and still maintaining required strength and stiffness

All the metal components on Wisefab S-Chassis knuckle are from high strenght steel, including sheetmetal components, tubes, tube ends and rod end housings. Good materials with design optimization has lead into major weight reduction. The knuckle weighs ~2,7kg and at the same time can hold 5-6G of loadpeak at tire contact patch on 1100kg car. Also for weight reduction purposes most of the suspension links are designed straight and tubular. All the joints are rod ends or spherical bearings, no rubber bushings.

• Other components
Hub to hub length (track) is the same as original, as this is defined by halfshaft lengths.
This kit assumes coilovers to adjust ride height
Minimum rim size is 17“


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Wisefab nissan 350z/ infinity g35 front kit
2232.00 €/ kit
Wisefab nissan 350z/ infinity g35 rear kit
1984.00 €/ kit
Wisefab nissan 370z/ infinity g35 front kit
2232.00 €/ kit
Wisefab nissan 370z/ infinity g35 rear kit
1984.00 €/ kit
Wisefab nissan s13 rear kit
1860.00 €/ kit
Wisefab nissan s14 rear kit
1860.00 €/ kit
Wisefab nissan skyline r33/r34 lock kit
1922.00 €/ kit
Wisefab s13 front kit (with s13 knuckles) kit with rack offset spacers
1705.00 €/ kit
Wisefab s13 front kit (with s13 knuckles) kit with rack relocation kit
1953.00 €/ kit
Wisefab s14 front kit (s14 knuckles, arms will fit s13 too) with rack offset spacers
1705.00 €/ kit
Wisefab s14 front kit (s14 knuckles, arms will fit s13 too) with rack relocation kit
1953.00 €/ kit

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