Kaaz LSD differentials

Kaaz limited slip differentials offer great value for money, and are a proven and popular choice for drifters, competition cars as well as road racers. We also carry service kits for all Kaaz differentials.


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Kaaz is a well-known competition-spec differential brand and offers great value for money -differentials for rally, track and street-racer uses. The differentials are available with three different combinations: 1, 1.5 and 2-way. All Kaaz differentials are fully serviceable, and we offer the overhaul kits and spares as well.

Why get a Kaaz diff?
  • Japanese quality work.
  • Durable and long lasting on street and trackdays.
  • Competition users: Kaaz differentials are rebuildable.
  • Available as a more streetable version (Basic and SuperQ models).
  • Bolt on product.
  • A very good bang for the buck, and thus widely used.

  • Basic or Solid?
    The differentials are available as solid and basic versions. The basic is most suitable for streets, with less grip and easier driveability than the solid version. The actual difference between them is the amount of cluch plates, which translates to the amount of gripping. Some units are also available at different factory torques. Less factory torque means easier street driveability.

    SuperQ / WPC treated models
    SuperQ models have lower chatter and noise than a conventional diff. WPC is a treatment for metals which hardens them and increases durability. Please ask our sales or use the Ask -tab to get a quote and availability.

    Kaaz is among the best known and most respected Japanese performance brands. They offer units for almost every common cars.

    If you find it hard to choose, please contact our sales for assistance!

    Limited slip differentials in a nutshell
    What's the difference between 1- and 2-way?
    What's a torsen, spool, viscous, active or clutch type diff? What percentage?
    Read our Limited slip differential 101 (Opens in a new window).

    We offer other limited slip differentials as well. You can also check these: Quaife limited slip differentials, Cusco limited slip differentials, Tran-X limited slip differentials and Gripper limited slip differentials.


    Kaaz products in the shop
    Kaaz is an Japanese clutch type differential manufacturer offering great value for money.
    Kaaz limited slip differentials are a common choice in rally, track and road-racer cars.

    Other products from Kaaz, mainly LSD overhaul kits and gear ratios are also available from our sales.
    Kaaz products in the shop


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