Exhaust T-bolt clamps


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T-bolt clamps
Clamps are stainless steel and ensure and even pressure around the pipe, preventing crushing and jamming.

These are basically the slimmest way to fasten an exhaust pipe and can be used in very tight compartments. The millimeter size is an exact figure, where the inch size is the common exhaust diameter the clamp is intended to be used with.

We stock all T-bolt clamps in our shop.


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clamp_b105r Clamp 105mm RST
Exhaust t-bolt clamp 105mm / 4"
14.00 €/ pcs
clamp_ubk054r Clamp 54mm RST
Exhaust t-bolt clamp 54mm / 2"
10.00 €/ pcs
clamp_ubk067r Clamp 67mm RST
Exhaust t-bolt clamp 67mm / 2.5"
10.00 €/ pcs
clamp_ubk079r Clamp 79mm RST
Exhaust t-bolt clamp 79mm / 3"
10.00 €/ pcs
clamp_ubk092r Clamp 92mm RST
Exhaust t-bolt clamp 92mm / 3.5"
12.00 €/ pcs

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