Exhaust flanges

Weldable exhaust flanges in most common sizes like 2.5 and 3". Thickness is 10mm and flanges are made of mild-steel.


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Weldable exhaust flanges

These weldable mild-steel flanges are laser-cut, and offer an easy way of making quality joints for custom exhausts.

Mild-steel is the best option for flanges since it has minimal deformation compared to stainless steel flanges. Basically most factory-made stainless exhausts also have mild-steel flanges.

Thickness is 10 mm. The flanges are sold per piece, so please order two for each full joint.

In addition to these we offer copper locking nuts, exhaust gaskets, and affordable catalyzers for some easy exhaust tuning.


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flange_2bolt_2inch Exhaust flange 2 bolt 2inch
Exhaust flange 2 bolt 2 inch
9.00 €/ pcs
flange_2bolt_2.5inch Exhaust flange 2 bolt 2.5inch
Exhaust flange 2 bolt 2.5 inch
9.00 €/ pcs
flange_2bolt_3inch Exhaust flange 2 bolt 3inch
Exhaust flange 2 bolt 3 inch
9.00 €/ pcs
flange_3bolt_2inch Exhaust flange 3bolt 2inch
Exhaust flange 3 bolt 2 inch
9.00 €/ pcs
flange_3bolt_2.5inch Exhaust flange 3bolt 2.5inch
Exhaust flange 3 bolt 2.5inch
9.00 €/ pcs
flange_3bolt_3inch Exhaust flange 3bolt 3inch
Exhaust flange 3 bolt 3 inch
9.00 €/ pcs
flange_3bolt_3.5inch Exhaust flange 3bolt 3.5inch
Exhaust flange 3 bolt 3.5 inch
12.00 €/ pcs

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