U-bolt exhaust clamps, HD

Thicker threads and body assure these exhaust U-clamps wont shear threads or bend like the usual single-use clamps.


Price (incl.vat) 3.00 - 8.00 / pcs ✔ Available in 1 - 4 working days.
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Heavy duty exhaust clamps with a thicker thread and body.

The difference between basic clamps is huge. Thread thickness is 10mm compared to basic 8mm.

Usually basic clamps are once-usable but these clamps are stronger and thicker compared to basic clamps. These threads wont shear!

These clamps can take a lot of pressure, the pipe will be crushed before the clamp will take any damage.

We stock the clamps in 2 - 4 inches in our store.


clamp_ubolt_cl200 U-bolt clamp 2inches
U-bolt clamp 2 inches
3.00 €/ pcs
clamp_ubolt_cl214 U-bolt clamp 2,25 inches
U-bolt clamp 2,25 inches
3.50 €/ pcs
clamp_ubolt_cl212 U-bolt clamp 2,5 inches
U-bolt clamp 2,5 inches
3.50 €/ pcs
clamp_ubolt_cl300 U-bolt clamp 3 inches
U-bolt clamp 3 inches
5.00 €/ pcs
clamp_ubolt_cl312 U-bolt clamp 3,5 inches
U-bolt clamp 3,5 inches
6.50 €/ pcs
clamp_ubolt_cl400 U-bolt clamp 4 inches
U-bolt clamp 4 inches
8.00 €/ pcs

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