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K&N intake kits, Renault


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K&n air intake kits

K&N air intake kits work in both real life and tests. They offer an easy and effective way to gain an improvement and are a basis for more performance.

K&N 57i air intake kits also include a suction tube, and features include:
  • Well more power and acceleration, eg. 53 PS more 2007 Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 model.
  • Includes a washable, conical K&N Performance air filter.
  • Easy to install.
  • K&N Million-Mail Limited Warranty ®

The air filter cleans air the engine needs to burn fuel, but there are different filters on the market - some flow and clean better and some worse.
K&N filters both clean and flow much better than an original paper filter or cheap imitations.

To select an air intake kit, please select your car make and model from the dropdowns. The images of each air filter kit are of the actual intake kit to offer extra certainty and help in cases where one car has more than one filter used on it.

More power and less consumption?

The engine is basically a large air pump. It sucks air through the filter, and when a filter flows better, less power and fuel is used to suck air through the filter, and in turn can be used as horsepower to accelerate.

The K&N air intake kits come with a free flowing intake pipeing, removing restrictive parts of the original designs. A larger, free'er flowing intake can raise suction sounds a bit.

Cold air is a basis of performance.Being more dense, cold air improves performance a lot. K&N intake kits are also designed to reduce intake temperatures and get the freshest possible air available. Some kits include extra suction compartments to completely seal off engine heat from the filter.

The most popular upgrade to any car

Because an air filter is so easy to change and offers great benefits, it is a popular - perhaps the standard - of upgrading the performance of your car. Keepin the air filter clean is important, and we suggest you also get a K&N recharge air filter cleaning and oil kit. A good interval for cleaning the K&N air filter is twice a year.

Cleaning and re-oiling a K&N filter

Easy piecy, here's how.

At the fixed freight cost we suggest you also get a K&N air filter care kit. A more basic air intake solution are the K&N replacement air filters. We also carry other brands of air filters. For cleaning tough dirt from air filters or other engine compartment locations, you'll love the K&N Power Kleen all-round cleaner and degreaser


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