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Cat Cams camshafts

CatCams high quality camshafts for many engine. CatCams are made in Belgium and most popular models are in stock.


Price (incl.vat) 552.00 - 2489.00 / pcs ✔ Delivery time 1 - 30 working days.
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The CatCams performance camshafts are a proven choice ranging from mild street cams to full fledged race cams. The camshafts are made in Belgium, and most popular models are available readily on the shelf. Rarer parts are available made-on-order in 4 to 6 weeks.

Camshafts specs are always listed with intake first, then exhaust. F.ex a 275' / 268' degree 11.5 mm / 10.45 mm lift kit consists of a 275' intake shaft with 11.5mm lift and a 268' exhaust shaft with 10.45mm lift. The shafts are always sold and priced as a pair, or four cams for V-engines.

The detailed specs for each shaft is listed in the product image when you select it from the drop down. The image will also show if you need uprated valve springs or other parts to go with the kit.

This listing only has the top ~20 models we sell. All CatCams kits and accessories are also available from us.

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