K&N Recharger kit

K&N recharge kit consisting of a good cleaner and a spary air filter oil enough for about ten cleaning times.


K&n recharge kit 

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Cleaning and re-oiling an air filter is easy. K&N Air filters are designed to last at least as long as your car, but they still need to be cleaned and serviced from time to time.

Over time, the filter collects dust which reduces airflow, and further reduces power and fuel efficiency. With the K&N recharge kit you can restore the filter to its original condition.

The kit is also a good purchase when you get a new filter, because the shipping costs are the same for any order, and you should have the recharger at hand when you feel like cleaning the filter.

While primarily designed for K&N air filters, the K&N recharger kit is also suitable for most other air filter brands.

Includes two bottles:
99-0606: Cleaner 255ml
99-0504: Oil (spray) 184g

Cleaning and re-oiling a K&N filter

Easy piecy, here's how.

How often does an air filter need cleaning?

A good rule of thumb is to check, clean and re-oil the filter two times a year when chaning winter & summer tires. Once a year is also enough if you dont feel like cleaning that often and drive in mostly dust free environments. Driving on dirt roads or other dusty conditions clog up the filter quicker.

Check out our prices for K&N air filters. If you're going to service your car thoroughly, we also offer Red Line oils and additives at great prices.


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18.00 € 20.80 €/ pcs

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