K&N replacement filters

K&N replacement free flow air filters for the original air box. K&N replacement filters offer better flow that originals, and are washable.


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The air filter cleans air the engine needs to burn fuel, but there are different filters on the market - some flow and clean better and some worse.
K&N filters both clean and flow much better than an original paper filter or cheap imitations.

More power and less consumption?

The engine sucks air through the filter, and when a filter flows better less power and thus fuel is used to suck air through the filter, and in turn can be used as horsepower to accelerate.

The most popular upgrade to any car

Because the air filter is so easy to change and offers great benefits, it is a popular - perhaps the standard - of upgrading the performance of your car. Maintaining the filter is important, and we suggest you also get a K&N recharge air filter cleaning and oil kit.

Cleaning and re-oiling a K&N filter

Easy piecy, here's how.

At the fixed freight cost we suggest you also get a K&N Recharger cleaning kit.


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