Walbro 255LPH intank fuel pumps

Efficient Walbro GSS341 and GSS342, 255 lph at 3bar.


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Walbro 255lph fuel pump for cars up to 450 - 500 HP

A fuel pump takes care supplying fuel to the engine, and creates the fuel pressure which is regulated by the pressure regulator.
An original pump is usually worn out, and especially in tuned cars it will struggle to make enough pressure and flow. Not having enough gasoline will cause a lean mixture, which in turn causes power loss and detonation which can quickly break an engine.

The Walbro fuel pump flows at 255 LPH (Litres Per Hour) which is enough for 450 - 500 Hp engines.
Being a compact pump, the Walbro can be fitted to almost any car using an in-tank fuel pump. The fitting kits for the most popular models allow plug-in installation, and for cars which dont have a fitting kit you can install this with the universal kit with minimal hassle.

Don't guess if your cars expensive engine gets enough fuel, instead make sure it does by using a Walbro pump.

The install kit includes a pre-filter, harness and in most cases hosing. This pump is not intended for ethanol or E85 use, but we have an E85 and ethanol compatible walbro available.

Total height incl. connectors: 123mm
Diameter: 39mm
Hose: 8mm
Flow: 255 LPH (Liters Per Hour)

In addition to this, many customers have also bought a reasonably priced adjustable fuel pressure regulator which has a gauge to monitor pressure. If you need an external fuel pump or more options, we also have more fuel pumps.


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Our Walbro pumps have a 30 day guarantee. While installing, the fuel tank should be cleaned of any particles, and the pump wiring needs checked for sufficient power. 99 % of pumps break from either particles in the tank, or insufficient wiring. Warranty will not cover pumps which have been broken from debris or wiring faults - on the other hand, when these two steps are taken care of, your Walbro will last for ever. The install steps should in fact be used on any pump, not just the Walbro.
Universal walbro gss341 intank pump, without installation kit
99.00 €/ pcs
Universal walbro gss342 intank pump, without installation kit
99.00 €/ pcs
Walbro in-tank filter
8.00 €/ pcs
Walbro wiring for gss pumps
8.00 €/ pcs

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