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Race.Fi fuel pressure regulator and gauge

An adjustable fuel pressure regulator with a pressure gauge. Suitable for fuel injected cars and turbo use. fuel pressure regulator with gauge 20-75psi 

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An adjustable fuel pressure regulator for fuel injected engines

A fuel pressure regulator keeps regulated fuel pressure so that it remains the same in relation to the manifold pressure, and further the Engine Controlling Unit knows how much fuel is injected into the engine. In some cases it is beneficial to have an adjustable regulator, so more fuel can be sprayed into the engine.

Fuel pressure regulator in short

  • Pressure gauge for fuel pressure 1/8" NPT thread.
  • Hose fittings 8mm, fitted with 1/8" NPT thread.
  • Gauge range 20-75psi.
  • Linear 1:1 pressure increase.
  • Suitable for fuel injected cars, also turbo use.
  • Suitable for regular gasoline.

  • Pretested at the factory. Over a thousand sold units in Finland.


    This regulator is compatible with fuel injected cars - with or without turbo.

    Prolonged E85 use can damage the internal foil, all though a replacement can be made from materials which withstand E85.


    The regulator is installed on the fuel return line coming from the fuel rail.
    Bottom connector: to the tank.
    Side connector: from the rail.
    Top small connector: manifold pressure, if used.

    Adjustment is done from the top hex bolt which is secured with the nut.

    Included hardware:
  • Manifold pressure hose.
  • Fuel hose.
  • Hose clamps.
  • Universal flanges for the fuel rail.

  • If hose connectors or the gauge are removed, please be careful to no let thread lock or other particles inside the regulator as they can damage the product or cause irregular pressures. The gauge can be replaced with a fuel pressure sensor from a separate gauge like Stri for example.

    In case the hose connectors or gauge are removed or leak, the conical thread needs to be tightened. A conical thread seals when it is tight enough. Thread glue / sealant should be used in moderate amounts to ensure a proper seal.

    The car's original regulator should be removed and replaced with the flange, or emptied. In theory the original regulator can remain in place if you are rising pressure (see how it works), but to keep things simple we recommend using only one regulator.

    How a fuel pressure regulator works?

    A regulator restricts flow back to the fuel tank, maintaining the set pressure. In short, the fuel pump continuously works on full power and the regulator lets the excess flow back, resulting in a steady pressure.

    In regular fuel systems, the fuel travels like this:
    Tank -> pump -> filter -> fuel rail/injectors -> regulator -> tank.

    The more backflow is restricted, the higher the pressure.


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  • fuel pressure regulator with gauge 20-75psi
    59.00 €/ pcs

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