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From this category you will find powerful and high quality fuel pumps for any use. Fuel pumps are available for example from Walbro and Bosch.

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Walbro 400LPH intank fuel pump from 159.00 €

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Walbro 400LPH intank fuel pump
Walbro 400lph internal fuel pump A fuel pump takes care of the gasoline supplied to the engine, and creates the pressure which is further regulated by the pressure regulator. An original pump is usually worn out, and especially in tuned cars it will struggle to make enougn pressure and flow. Not having enough gasoline will cause a lean (not enough fuel) mixture, which in turn causes power loss and detonation which can quickly break the engine.The Walbro fuel pump flows at 400 LPH (Litres Per Hour). Being a c
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Walbro, Aeroflow and OEM fuel pumps are found in this category. Models for E85 use are also available.