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Fuel filter, 8mm hose

An universal in-line fuel filter for a 8 mm hose. Suitable for gasoline and E85. Originally from the 300ZX Z32 TwinTurbo, so this filter will flow a lot.


Fuel filter for 8mm hose 

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Fuel filter, 8mm hose

A fuel filter gathers small particles like rust and dust from the fuel so it doesnt clog the injectors or pressure regulator. The filter gradually gets clogged, and at some point it needs replacement or it starts to cause problems in fuel delivery.

This filters is originally found the Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo, and some other high power cars. The "flow" is basically the same as a 8mm hose, so this filter is good for most applications.

In addition, we also have Walbro pumps, an adjustableregulator and Red Line fuel system cleaner to ensure you get rid of fuel issues once and for all.


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Fuel filter for 8mm hose
8.50 € 9.90 €/ pcs

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