Lots of new Race.Fi products arrived


We just got a new 200kg shipment of Race.Fi products today. We got a load of handy stuff like fuel pressure regulators, throttle bodies, intake manifolds, oil coolers and filter relocation kits.

Adjustable fuel pressure regulator, 59.00 €

For fuel injected turbo or n/a cars. Adjustable and comes with a mounted gauge as well.

»» Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

Hoodlocks, 59.00 €/pair

A pair of hood or hatch locks comes in handy to make sure things stay in place. Some have also used these to fit bumper and other detachable parts.

»» Hood quicklocks

Oil filter relocation kits 169.00 € and oil cooler kits 129.00 €

The filter relocation kits includes three hoses so it can be used to mount an oil cooler as well. The oil cooler kit comes with a sandwich plate and two houses. Both kits have M20 and 3/4-16 UNF fittings which allow mounting on most cars using a traditional thread-on filter.

»» Oil filter relocation kit
»» Öil cooler kit

Oil coolers 79.00 - 99.00 €

Available in 13- or 25-row versions and 50mm thick. More measurements on the product page.

»» Oil cooler cores

Short shifter 59.00 €

Shifters are available and in-stock for a variety of popular cars. Check out the models on the product page.

»» Short shifters

Dump valves 59.00 €

Affordable phhhhffff =)

»» Flange-mounted dump valve
»» Hose-mountable bypass valve
»» Hose-mountable dump valve

Billet throttle bodies 65 - 100 mm from. 129.00 €

65, 70, 80, 90 and 100 mm throttle bodies. Includes a flange as well.

»» Billet throttle bodies

There! Here's a few of the in-stock goodies. We also got a load of RB25 and 2JZ intake manifolds.