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Race.Fi adjustable dump valve DV1

An adjustable flange-mounted dump-valve. The trumpet is removable and has threads. A decent dump all the way from replacing Skyline R32 GTR stock valves to upgrading or adding a dump. adjustable dump valve dv-1 

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A dump valve releases excess pressure when the throttle body closes. Without a dump valve the excess pressure would flow in the wrong direction through the turbocharger slowing it down or even damaging it in the worst case.

This is an affordable adjustable basic valve for cars with up to 300 hp. The dump is adjustable, and releases the pressure in the atmosphere.

The kit includes vacuum hoses and a gasket for the flange.

Flange bolt (M6) distance 60mm. Flange hole diameter 30mm.

The outlet side has a threaded trumpet which can also be removed to allow a bypass mount with some effort. Outlet diameter 25mm.

We also have other Race.Fi dump valves, Turbosmart dump valves as well as turbochargers and intercoolers.


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59.00 €/ pcs

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