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Race.Fi hood/hatch locks

Aerocatch style hood and trunk quick locks. Sold as a pair


Race.fi hood locks 

Price (incl.vat) 62.00 € / pair
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Aerocatch style hood locks (pair)

In race cars being able to completely remove or open the hood from outside is important for safety and pitwork, and in some cases compulsory in class rules.

The lock is opened by first pressing the smaller lever, then rising the longer lever. Closing is done by pushing down the longer lever.


The locks are mounted on the hood with six chamfered bolts, and fastened from below with nuts. The counterpart, the shaft, is mounted in the engine bay, and it's length is adjusted so that closing the hood doesnt require excess force.
After installation, the locks are lubricated.

Models requiring keys are not available, as they can usually be opened with anything starting from a nail cutter.
If your car is left alone for longer, or is also used on the street, you can use the original lock and in a competition situation, or when frequently opened, jam the original lock with something like ziptie for example.

With a little imagination, these Aerocatch style locks can also be used on other parts of the car - doors, bumpers and fenders when fast removal is required.

What is included

One unit in your shopping cart includes two locks, two countershafts, and the required fastening hardware.


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Race.fi hood locks
62.00 €/ pair
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