Turbosmart dump valves, Page 1

Turbosmart dump valves, Page 1

Turbosmart dump valves

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Turbosmart dump valves?

A dump valve namely dumps excess pressure from the turbo pipes when the throttle body closes. Without a dump valve, the air does the same as a wawe in a bath tub: it bounces back. When air starts flowing in the wrong direction through the turbocharger, it can makes a nice chattering sound but in addition can seriously harm the turbocharger.

A bypass is the same as a dump with the expection that a dump frees the air into the atmosphere, and a bypass is connected to a hose which runs past the turbo back into the intake pipe.

Turbosmart items are top quality and often found on high performance builds and competition cars. They are not the cheapest, but have zero compromises.

All Turbosmart products are available, please ask our sales, or order from the webshop!

Turbosmart car specific dumps from 174.00 €

22item(s)from 174.00 €
Turbosmart car specific dumps
Turbo Smart Vee-port pro blow-off valves Simple and functional basic dump valve, almost anywhere turbo car.Turbosmart collection making a simple basic model is the role of Vee-Port, guaranteed Turbo Smart technology, meaning the exact job tracking and strong materials.is recommended. 150-450hp turbo enginesTurbosmart Super Sonic blow-off valves Turbo Smart Super Sonic is a high succulent voice in the world equipped with a rigid dumpGuaranteed Turbo Smart quality, the best materials, to preci
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Turbosmart Dual-port Blow-off valves from 372.00 €

4item(s)from 372.00 €
Turbosmart Dual-port Blow-off valves
Turbosmart Dual-port blow-off valves Dual-port is the market's most useful dumps, because it has four dump in one package. You can choose to use it out when entering, recycle, or both at once.In some cars out of the dump may be reached mess mixtures exchange situation, too rich, but a little hiss and fights would in mind. Dual port to handle both the ropes, gets the feeling coefficient and recycle at the same time part of the air circulation, keeping the car's engine management satisfaction.is recommende
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