Turbosmart car specific dumps

Turbosmart's model specific dump valves are namely a bolt-on blow-off valve upgrade which is both hassle free and designed specifically for each car to deliver the best performance.


Price (incl.vat) 133.90 - 691.90 / pcs ✔ Available in 1 - 14 working days.
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Turbo Smart Vee-port pro blow-off valves
Simple and functional basic dump valve, almost anywhere turbo car.

Turbosmart collection making a simple basic model is the role of Vee-Port, guaranteed Turbo Smart technology, meaning the exact job tracking and strong materials.

is recommended. 150-450hp turbo engines

Turbosmart Super Sonic blow-off valves
Turbo Smart Super Sonic is a high succulent voice in the world equipped with a rigid dump

Guaranteed Turbo Smart quality, the best materials, to precise tolerances.

is recommended. 150-600hp turbo engines.

Turbo Smart Dual-port blow-off valves
Dual-port is the market's most useful dumps, because it has four dump in one package.

n is recommended. 150-600hp turbo engines.


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