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Turbocharged parts, Page 1

This category lists turbochargers, intercoolers, wastegates, dump valves, boost controllers and hardware from intercooler pipes to water spray kits. Brands like Holset, Garrett, Mishimoto, Turbosmart and Snow Performance.

Holset HX35 Super turbo 899.00 €

Holset HX35 Super turbo
Holset HX35 Super offers great spoolup and a wide range of raw power. The Holset Super HX35 is designed for 1.6 to 2.0-liter engines offering animalistic low end torque As an example, an SR20DET engine can reach 600nm of torque with the Holset HX35 super.

Turbochargers, intercoolers, wastegates, dumps and more

The mecca for turbocharged cars

This category offers parts exclusively for turbocharged cars. Turbochargers, intercoolers etc. are divided into their own categories where you will find some very competitive prices for these hard-sought parts.