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EBC brake pads, Mitsubishi

EBC low dusting brakepads for many different purposes. Street use to harder racing.


Ebc redstuff front brakepad set, nissan, subaru and mitsubishi 

Price (incl.vat) 179.30 € / set
✔ Delivery time 1 - 4 working days.
✔ EU shipping from 9,90 € and free on orders over 400 €
✔ Quick shipping. Orders are handled in 24 hours.

Ebc product codes explained

Ultimax = DP1.....
Greenstuff = DP2.....
Redstuff = DP3.....
Yellowstuff = DP4.....
Bluestuff = DP5.....
Greenstuff 6000 = DP6.....
Greenstuff 7000 = DP7.....
DPC Vanbrake = DPC1.....

Product code suffixes

A = adjuster mechanism fitted.
(B) = Bendix Brake System.
(BR) = Brembo Brake System.
(C) = Citroen Brake System.
(G) = Girling/Lucas Brake System.
(K) = Kelsey Hayes Brake System.
(L) = Lockheed Brake System.
NL = narrow lining.
(P) = Perrott Brake System.
SL = short lining.
(T) = ATE Brake System.

Ultimax - for the streets

If you're looking for an OEM replacement from EBC, this is it. This pad withstands wear and generates less dust than most pads.

Greenstuff - street and trackday

The most poplar sport pad from EBC. Works well on the streets and the track.

There are three versions of EBC greenstuff:

Greenstuff 2000 = small, powerful sport compacts
Greenstuff 6000 = SUV's
Greenstuff 7000 = low dust pads for SUV's

Redstuff - street and trackdays

The flagship of EBC's street pads. These are suitable for both the street and track. A bit harder than Greenstuff, so bedding in takes a little longer.

Yellowstuff - track use

Yellowstuffs are the choice for track only cars offering the best stopping power of the line.

DPC Carbon Vanbrake - commercial cars

For small delivery cars.

We offer EBC pads for msot cars, ask our sales for more information!


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