HKS airfilter 3 inches


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Super Stealth Frame
Newly developed hemisphere Super Stealth outer frame.
Improved air intake efficiency with increased air intake surface area from Super Honeycomb frame.

3-Layer Dry filter
The 3-layer dry-type polyurethane filter provides high air intake efficiency, dust collecting ability and longelife.

Super Inner frame
Streamlined cross section inner frame and framework.
16 frames radically placed towards the center point of the frame.
Simple lightweight frame desing provides smoother air flow.

- 200mm diameter
- 90mm length
- 75mm (3 inchs) neck

We also provide replacement filters for this air intake:
HKS replacement filter, 200mm.


hks-70019-ak005 HKS air filter 3"
Hks air filter 3 inches
109.00 €/ pcs

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