Quaife quick racks

Quaife quick steering racks, minimizes steering wheel rounds. Car models without powersteering.


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A quick steering reduces lock to lock turns of the steering wheel. It eases handling in quick situations, and is essential for competition uses.

Quaife quick steerings are available for a variety of non-powersteering cars. Our listing has all LHD model quick steerings that Quaife produces.

Please note: All kits listed are intended for cars which dont have powersteering. Minor modifications, like making room for the pinion gear might be needed on some models, but otherwise the products are bolt-on updgrades to the original steering rack.

The picure is an example illustration of the Porsche 911 steering rack.

Note for Honda Civic quick steerings: Please check the type of the original rack. Steerings are available for SH3L and SR3L racks. Please order accordingly.


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quaife_quicksteering_qsd1d005 Quaife Quick Steering QSD1D005
Ford escort mk1/mk2 lhd quick rack & pinion kit 2.5 (long)
269.00 €/ pcs
quaife_quicksteering_qsd1d001 Quaife Quick Steering QSD1D001
Ford escort mk1/mk2 lhd quick rack & pinion kit 2.5 (short)
269.00 €/ pcs
quaife_quicksteering_qsf9z001 Quaife Quick Steering QSF9Z001
Ford sierra lhd quick rack & pinion kit 2.8
269.00 €/ pcs
quaife_quicksteering_qsf10u001 Quaife Quick Steering QSF10U001
Honda civic lhd quick rack & pinion kit 2.83 (sh3l housing)
269.00 €/ pcs
quaife_quicksteering_qsd1t001 Quaife Quick Steering QSD1T001
Opel corsa lhd quick rack & pinion kit 2.5
269.00 €/ pcs
quaife_quicksteering_qsf3b001 Quaife Quick Steering QSF3B001
Opel manta lhd quick rack & pinion kit 2.5
269.00 €/ pcs
quaife_quicksteering_qsf3q001 Quaife Quick Steering QSF3Q001
Porsche 911 quick rack & pinion kit: 911 / 914 (1974-1989) lhd & rhd 2.5 turns lock to lock
309.00 €/ pcs
quaife_quicksteering_qsf22e001 Quaife Quick Steering QSF22E001
Toyota corolla ae86 lhd quick rack & pinion kit 2.5
269.00 €/ pcs
quaife_quicksteering_qsf22e003 Quaife Quick Steering QSF22E003
Toyota mr2 mk1 (aw11) lhd quick rack & pinion kit 2.5
269.00 €/ pcs
quaife_quicksteering_qsf7r001 Quaife Quick Steering QSF7R001
Volkswagen golf mk1 lhd quick rack & pinion kit 3.1
269.00 €/ pcs
quaife_quicksteering_qsf6r001 Quaife Quick Steering QSF6R001
Volkswagen golf mk2 lhd quick rack & pinion kit 2.9
269.00 €/ pcs
quaife_quicksteering_qsf17r001 Quaife Quick Steering QSF17R001
Volkswagen polo lhd quick rack & pinion 2.6
269.00 €/ pcs
quaife_quicksteering_qsf3j001 Quaife Quick Steering QSF3J001 Volvo 240 LHD
Volvo 240 lhd quick rack & pinion kit 2.5
269.00 €/ pcs

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