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Steering wheels, adjustable rack parts and quick steerings reside here along the RedLine powersteering fluid.

Steering wheel quick release, Race.Fi from 89.00 €

1item(s)from 89.00 €
Steering wheel quick release, Race.Fi
A steering wheel quick release hub with 6x70 and 6x74 mm double pcd. Removal is a safe press-and-pullt type which requires two hands. Height 62 mm.Thanks to a dual pcd, fits most aftermarket wheels like Fk, Jom, Tuning Line, Sparco, Momo and Omp.We also carry many steering wheel adapters and several different steering wheels.

Amsoil power steering fluid from 12.30 €

1item(s)from 12.30 €
Amsoil power steering fluid
Amsoil Power Steering Fluid synteettinen ohjaustehostinöljy on erittäin lämpöstabiili ja toimii hyvin sekä kuumissa että kylmissä olosuhteissa. Se kestää korkeita lämpötiloja ja on pitkäikäinen. Öljy on erittäin pienikitkainen ja auttaa tiivisteitä pysymään elastisima, ehkäisten samalla myös vuotoja. Power Steering Fluid on lähes väritön kirkas neste.Hyväksynnät: - American Motor Corporation C 4124 - BMW 82 11 0 148 132; 83 29 0 429 576; 81 22 1 468 879 & 82 11 1 468 041 - Chrysler MS-1872; MS-5931; MS-11655

Luisi steering wheel hubs from 53.00 €

842item(s)from 53.00 €
Luisi steering wheel hubs
Model specific Luisi steering wheel hubs.These hubs are only suitable for cars without an airbag system. Hubs for cars equipped with an airbag system are available from our sales.The adapters have a double PCD, 6x70 and 6x74mm so they also fit steering wheel makes like Fk, Jom, Tuning Line, Sparco, Momo and Omp.6 fitment screws are also included.

Quaife quick racks from 269.00 €

13item(s)from 269.00 €
Quaife quick racks
A quick steering reduces lock to lock turns of the steering wheel. It eases handling in quick situations, and is essential for competition uses.Quaife quick steerings are available for a variety of non-powersteering cars. Our listing has all LHD model quick steerings that Quaife produces.Please note: All kits listed are intended for cars which dont have powersteering. Minor modifications, like making room for the pinion gear might be needed on some models, but otherwise the products are bolt-on updgrades to
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