Whiteline camber bolts

Whiteline camber bolts allow easy adjustment of camber, caster and toe up to 1.5 degrees in both directions.


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Whiteline eccentric bolts

Eccentric bolts allow adjusting camber, caster or toe by roughly +-1.5 deg. An eccentric bolt is installed in place of a regular one allowing easy adjustment. These are always sold as a pair. The tensile strenght of these bolts is 12.9.

Please check the diameter of the original bolts measured from the thread section. 10mm diameter = M10 bolt, 12mm diameter = M12 etc. The thread length of the camber bolts is 60mm, so please check that the length is sufficient when measuring the diameter.

Adjusting eccentric bolts:
Eccentric bolts are adjusted by turning the bolt from it's head or the provided washer. The bolts dont need to be removed for adjustment.


whiteline_kca412 Whiteline M12 camberbolts
Eccentric camber bolts m12
42.50 €/ kit
whiteline_kca414 Whiteline M14 camberbolts
Eccentric camber bolts m14
42.50 €/ kit
whiteline_kca415 Whiteline M15 camberbolts
Eccentric camber bolts m15
42.50 €/ kit
whiteline_kca416 Whiteline M16 camberbolts
Eccentric camber bolts m16
42.50 €/ kit
whiteline_kca417 Whiteline M17 camberbolts
Eccentric camber bolts m17
42.50 €/ kit

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