Black Diamond & EBC brakes


Black Diamond & EBC brakes

Black Diamond and EBC brakes from us - Both brands makes high quality brake part for street and track use!

Black Diamond does not need much demonstration, you can find all the Black Diamond products from us and of course with good prices. For example there are three BD brake disc types: grooved, drilled and grooved & drilled. There are BD discs for every car and use. Black Diamond brake pads have a very good heat resistance and have a low level of dust and good friction, and yes - Black Diamond works even when its raining unlike some regular spare parts discs and pads. You can use these brakes in your track or street car with no worries.

Everybody knows EBC! You can also get EBC brakes from us altough all of them are not in our webshop, yet. There is different discs and pads available from EBC, for example there is grooved, drilled and grooved and drilled versions. Models for pads there is ultimax, greenstuff, redstuff, yellowstuff ja bluestuff series available and you will always get the right pads for your car and use. Many of the EBC brakes we can deliver in few days.

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