Suspension kits for any use

We have loads of suspension stuff for a variety of uses! Through us you will find fixed as well as adjustable suspension kits, lowering springs and for a very comfortable lowering we have D2 air suspension kits!

Adjustable suspension kits:

We have many brands of adjustable suspension kits, for example we have kits from D2, Eibach, KW, H&R and Cusco. Adjustment range is depending from the model of the car 0-100mm, and on some of the kits is a damping adjustment as well. D2, Eibach and KW coilover kits are at the moment the most popular kits as they have fast shipping times and are very good value for the money. For example the D2 kits are fitting for most people`s needs as they have (in addition to a height adjustment) a 36-step damping adjustment. For more exotic needs, you can get all Cusco suspension parts such as high quality Zero Coilovers from us. Check all kits and more specific specifications from our webstore:
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Fixed suspension kits:

A lot or just enough lowering? Fixed lowering kits lower your car for example 30-60mm and it´s done! A fixed lowering kit is an excellent upgrade to for example a daily driver, as it gives sportiness and stability to the driving experience without sacrificing any comfort. You can get Eibach B12 kits with a slight Pro- kit lowering springs or a more aggressive Sportline lowering springs combined with Bilstein B8 shock absorbers. A H&R Cupkit has alternately its own shock absorbers as well as lowering springs and they give in most cases 30-60mm of lowering.
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Lowering springs:

We have a lot of different lowering springs for all uses, and through us you can get quality brands like Eibach, H&R and ST Suspension! The mildest lowerings start from -10mm and the most extreme lowerings cut even -60mm from the original springs! Eibach has two smart lowering spring kits: Sportline and Pro-kit. Pro- kit offers about 30mm of lowering and works well even with the original shock absorbers, as well as being the most favored springs at the moment. The Sportline gives a little more lowering, about 40mm, but we recommend shorter shocks for these springs. If you want to go even lower, H&R usually is even little lower, but this depends greatly on car make/ model. H&R offers lowering starting from -35mm so with caution you can still use good conditioned original shocks. If you would like to change the shocks as well, these springs work well with the Bilstein B8 shocks for example.
»» Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs
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Air suspension kits:

If you want ultimate comfort combined with proper lowering, then look no further than an air suspension kit! D2 air suspension kits are shipped with all the necessary items which means (depending on model) air springs, shock absorbers, a compressor, a tank and everything for the installation. There are 4 models of air suspension kits: Basic, Deluxe, Gold and Super Professional - more information aswell as exact specs can be found on our webpage using the link below:
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- Joni