Eibach Sportline lowering springs

Eibach Sportline is a suspension kit with more drop and stiffness than the Pro-Kit option. Among the Pro-Kit, Eibach Sportline are the springs which made Eibach known to everyone.


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Springs work with the shock absorbers and their main purpose is to keep the wheels as close to the tarmac as possible at a steady pressure. Most original springs are engineered to be very comfortable, sometimes even plain too soft.
The Eibach Sportline springs lower down the car reducing body roll, and make the suspension a bit stiffer and sportier close to a track car.

Each Eibach Sportline spring is engineered specifically for the car it fits, and is tested by test drivers and german Tüv. What you get is excellent driveability and a truly sporty suspension.

Please use the drop downs to select your car model. The rate of lowering and axle masses are listed per car on the product selector.

Eibach notes (opens in new tab)

Eibach Sportline springs in short
  • Top driveability with 45 to 50 mm drop (see details per car).
  • Lower center of gravity.
  • Progressive spring profile.
  • Track-like stiffness.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Should be used with absorbers which are intended for lowering springs.


In Finland we can offer installation services with our partners. Lowering spring installation is straight forward and an easy task for most garages. Please note that the lowering amounts are counted from the factory value, and accessories like air conditioning as well as how much fuel the car has vary the actual amount by a few mm.

Eibach springs introduction video

Narrated with a deep German tone, this video sums up the Eibach Pro-Kit springs.

To get the most of the springs, we suggest them to be used with shock absorbers. Changing the bushings to polyurethane bushings reduces unwanted travel and stiffens up the suspension. If you're after an adjustable kit, we carry D2 coilovers with excellent prices. For less drop, we also carry the Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs.


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