D2 air suspension, Page 1

D2 air suspension, Page 1

D2 air suspension kits

Availability: stock or 1-4 weeks
Price: Ask our sales team for a quote.

Air suspensions in short

D2 makes bolt-on air suspension kits for almost any car, and they are available in five different versions: Basic, Deluxe, Professional, Super Professional and Gold.

The differences of the kits are listed below. Each kits gives your car a vip comfort ride with easy height-adjustability from inside the car. You can lift the car for gravel roads and lower it down when you're on the boulevard. All the air suspension kits come as a complete kit including shocks, compressor, hoses, an air tank, adjusting hardware. The dampers are adjustable, and the length of the struts can also be easily adjuste just like D2's coilovers.

We offer D2 air suspensions for most cars, please contact our sales team for more information!
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