Magnaflow catalyzers fits also for diesel use

With normal petrol or E85 Magnaflow catalyzers are also suitable for diesel cars. We have many Magnaflow catalysts in stock in many sizes.

Why to get Magnaflow catalyzers?
Magnaflow catalyzer is usually much cheaper than OEM catalyst and has a great cleaning power. Emission tests are not a problem, Magnaflow will handle them easily and is a very good choice especially for car which has a little more power than original. Ceramic model is a cheap and good for lighty tuned car for example to replace the OEM catalyst. Metallic model is for cars which has little more power and which needs more durable catalyst (metallic can handle a small amount of collapses as well). Magnaflow catalysts are suitable also for diesel use in addition to petrol, of course newest diesel cars also needs the OE DPF as it can not be removed from the car (not legal) and it also ensures that the car will pass the emission tests, but if the problem is only in the catalyst, Magnaflow will do the job ;) We have all the most popular Magnaflow models like 2.5 and 3 inch in stock.

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