Magnaflow performance catalytic converters, gasoline 2" - 3"

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Clean power with a Magnaflow catalyzer
A catalyzer cleans exhaust gasses flowing through it, however most original units are clogged and considerably restrict flow thus further restricting the power of the engine.

Free flowing exhaust and minimum emissions? Thats not a daydream, thats a Magnaflow catalyzer. Magnaflow power catalyzers are a must for all serious exhaust upgrades or a DIY exhaust build.

In fact, the original catalyzer is usually the most restrictive part of an original exhaust, so you will notice power gains even with an otherwise stock setup and a performance catalyzer.

Ceramic or metallic?

A ceramic unit is a good choice for mildly tuned vehicles, where the metallic version flows even more freely and tolerates more abuse. The metallic core can basically absorb and continue to work even when hit in offroad conditions.

The catalyzer has about 4cm of pipe at both ends. It can be fitted with clamps, welding, flanges, or with a V-Band clamp which is the best way for a tight seal and easy removal & installation.

The catalytic converters perform excellently at emission inspections, so you dont have to worry about the emission tests when you take your car to an inspection. Actually, the Magnaflow catalyzers often perform better than the oem unit.

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Magnaflow catalyst 2.5" oval ceramic
137.00 €/ PCS
Magnaflow catalyst 2.5" round metallic
175.00 €/ PCS
Magnaflow catalyst 2" double ceramic
200.00 €/ PCS
Magnaflow catalyst 3" oval ceramic
157.00 €/ PCS
Magnaflow catalyst 3" round metallic
185.00 €/ PCS

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