Weekie: Turbosmart wastegates and dump valves -10 %

Turbosmart products just got a full update, and now's also the time to get a very decently prices top-notch wastegate or dump valve.

You likely know the Turbosmart as a brand if you're at least somewhat familiar with the tuning and performance scene. They have definitely earned their place on the market, thanks to great products which can be highly depended on.

The complete Turbosmart range was just updated up to 2018 spec, so here's a great time to put the most important - waste gates and dump valves - on the weekly offer. The shop now also has all spare parts like flanges and diaphragms listed, as well as a complete list of exchange springs for different pressures.
»» Race.fi: Turbosmart waste gates and their spare parts
»» Race.fi: Turbosmart dump valves and their spare parts

Exchange springs and spare parts:
»» Race.fi: Turbosmart waste gate springs
»» Race.fi: Turbosmart waste gate spare parts
»» Race.fi: Turbosmart dump valve springs
»» Race.fi: Turbosmart dump valve spare parts

To go with your new shiny Turbosmart, a Holset turbo is also a common choice offering great turbochargers at decent prices. They're available quick & cheap from us =)
»» Race.fi: Holset turbchargers

Have a great weekend!
Race.Fi / Willem

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