Weekie: D2 big brake kits -100 €

2018-10-19 12:04:58 by
Lets put the D2 bid brake kits in fair 100 € discount for a next week. Big brake kits are model specific and bolt-on parts which ensures extremely powerful brakes.

More braking power with D2 big brakes! Big brakes are excellent update for street or race car, it's bolt-on and is delivered with any parts what you need for installation. There is two different types available, Street and Sport, of course with different disc sizes. Biggest difference in Sport and Street is the caliper size which is a slight smaller in Street kits. Street kits comes with dust covers and sport kits without dust covers.

Brake discs are available in 286, 304, 330, 356, 380, 400, 421 and 444mm sizes - so there is a correct one for any use and purpose. For brake pads you can use a D2 own brake pads or Ferodo pads which we can have with very fast delivery and some Ferodo/D2 pads you can find directly from our stock. There also handbrake available for most brake kits wherter its cable or electric one.

Big brake kits in our webshop with discount:
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Have a great weekend!