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Weekie: Cusco limited slip differentials -5 %

2017-10-20 10:30:00 by
Quality for a slightly smaller price, namely the Japanese Cusco limited slip differentials.
If you know what Cusco is, then it might be time to do some shopping, and if not, then definitely give this post a read.

Cusco develops, others copy. So it goes, and there's nothing wrong with it. This Japanese elite racing brand tests and develops all their products with the Japanese top quality mentality, and the result is a brand which is seriously respected.

This weeks offer is for the Cusco Type-RS and -MS limited slip differentials, which are plate type differentials. They are completely serviceable and offer tons of grip as well as predictable and linear driveability. All Cusco differentials are completely serviceable. Havin represented Cusco in Finland for over 10 years, we carry all service kits and also offer each and every part of the differential as spares as well.

Cusco offers two main types of differential, and both are on sale.

Type-RS is a street version where the RS springs push the differential open. It means this differential is as streetable as a plate-type diff comes. When more torque is applied, this grips like a beast.

Type-MZ is a pure track differential, where the MZ springs preload the clutch assy to give a very linear and strong grip even in those very high powered cars where regular differentials fry.

Cusco differentials, on sale, are found here:
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If you want to refresh your memory on what the different types of differentials are, and what each term like 1-way or 2-way stand for, take a read here:
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Have a great and grippy weekend!
Race.Fi / Willem